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Raids in the weekend impact tournament participation and performance

Since Ludia introduced raids, they stated that there would be no raid bosses over the weekend to not interfere with the weekend tournaments. Even after the first addition of new raid bosses, they stressed out how mindful they were leaving us a free weekend and how important this was for us to be able to participate in the regular tournaments from Friday to Sunday.

What has changed now for introducing Apex every single day in the weekend?
This is an important issue for competitive players/alliances who enjoy playing and scoring high in tournaments. I kindly request Ludia to remove Apex bosses on Saturday/Sunday.
They are already impacting negatively on tournament performance.
Additionally, many of our alliance members have personal commitments in the weekend that keeps them away from the game. They can only either score the minimum in tournaments and give up raids or play raids and not being able to score the mandatory trophies…

I propose an easy fix to this issue, that I’m sure brilliant minds at Ludia might have come up with themselves, eventually. Since the first Apex were introduced quite a while ago, most of us dedicated players, joyful slaves to Ludia’s whim, have maxed out, or are close enough to, some of them (i.e, Mortem rex). Alas! Simply by moving one of the weekend Apex to Monday, you have already sorted partially the negative impact on tournament performance and people’s enjoyment of your game. Next step would be moving a second weekend Apex to Wednesdays (the second former Apex with the longest release time and completion progress by players).

There you go, no need to thank me for an easy fix (no need to pay me for it either, this goes on the house). Thank you Ludia for listening to your player base and have a nice weekend everyone!



Seems like they realized their number of active players has gone up since they introduced raids, and now they want more players every day of the week. Amount of time spent in game is also an important metric that game companies are chasing, which is probably why all of these raids are easy but way too long. I can’t see it changing, sadly.


We were chatting in our alliance about how good it was to see weekend raids as so many players struggle to find time to organise and do raids during the week.

Our discord is often so quiet at the weekend but today we already have an influx of players joining in the new apex raid, chatting and enjoying the banter to.

To argue that it interferes with the alliance championship is utter nonsense. I got up this morning and did the raid in 15 minutes from start to finish including getting the team together for it. So if spending 15 minutes makes the alliance championship an issue then I have no words ……


Completely agree on this, it has no impact on tournaments whatsoever.

Just my issue with raids in general (which 7 days a week doesn’t help) are these:

  • Invite bugs requiring people to restart the app constantly
  • The long-winded 4 round raids
  • Too many counter-attack/action boss’s requiring a counter animation on EVERY move
  • The constant delay after certain moves/rounds can sit there for almost 10 seconds wait

I mean ok during the week i’m only working anyway so I can patiently put up with wasted time whilst working, but wasted time over the weekend because of a game, it frustrates me.

At the end of the day we chose to play anyway, but Ludia clearly ignore the actual issues with Raids.


I am SO happy for weekend raids.

I work 40+ hours during the week and struggle to get raids done on days I work. As I’m off most weekends, this makes it much less stressful for me. I also do 100+ battles during the weekend for the tournaments, so saying weekend raids interfere with that is a load of rubbish.


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He helps out more than anyone else in our alliance with Raids.

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If that’s what I choose to do then yes, but more often than not I’ll stay and help as many alliance members that need help as my time allows.

The point here is that there are many aspects to the game, darting, pvp, dbi, raids, championships, strike towers, all of which are entirely up to the individual as to how they wish to play. No one is forcing anyone to do any more or less than they want to do. At the end of the day if people want to grind from Friday to Monday in the championship that’s cool, but to complain that a raid impacts on it is nonsense.


Totally agree. Give us a break at least on weekends, tournaments are enough.


It does indeed. Most people cannot afford to live for the game exclusively. Our Discord this morning was quite different to yours. Chat is usually quiet in the weekend. Today people came in to say, “sorry guys, I have no time for the raid. I’ll come back tonight and check if there’s a chance for me to try, but I doubt it”.


To be fair i might post a new thread with lag issues from the Haast magnus raid its super laggy

IMO If you have something like 2 or 3 hours for daily stuff AND add the tournament thing (this is an extra on the weekend), adding those raid bosses means you will have to spend at least 1 of those 2 or 3 hours clearing and helping other ppl. So unless you are a nerd playing the whole day, this will hurts your tournament climb for sure.

what’s the problem if you don’t want to go raiding on weekends don’t do it other people have more free time on weekends if you tell yourself you won’t have time to do the tournament just do fights and no raid


Maybe a better idea, once we have more than seven Apex bosses, would be to cycle them through the week so that they get played on the next day along. That way weekends can be kept for those who don’t want to and they can still get the chance to play them but everyone other week. I don’t know how easy or not that would be to implement though.


I will not call it a nuisance but a distraction.
I am a leader in a top alliance and it is required that our players give so much already. In a top alliance you are required to make much more than 10 take downs.

i am one who does 20-30 raids a day, not only to help my alliance but also other alliances that i have affinity with.

This has put me behind my tournament scores and my family time as well. I feel it is too much for me, hence the suggestion by @giardinoni seems fantastic!!! (Adding new bosses to those week days).

I hate to say no when people ask me to raid, and today when i did it felt awful!

i guess i will need to give up my alliance soon since i will not reach the requirements with the tournament scores. I will have to choose between helping others or helping my own scores.


Happy for weekend raids. I’m working 48-55 hours during a the week. It’s difficult to get a raid done during my limited off time after work. Now if only ludia could let you battle the raids whenever during a single week. That would help so much.


OK, to be more accurate I edited the title so the thread stays on focus on the tournament impact.

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I agree 100% I’ve been wanting weekend raids since raids started, between work and kids sometimes I don’t have the time to do them. This is a fun Free game to play and I hope I don’t offend anyone but this is a game not a job you don’t have to complete or do everything on here. If their was tourneys with real money dished out then I can understand the problem some ppl would have… and no the game cash tourneys don’t count until you can take game cash out for for real money but I don’t see that happening. the top 100 and bottom 100 ppl get the same amount of money from JWA :slight_smile:
Like someone else stated The weekend raids probably did bring in more ppl playing again which is good for Ludia. I am a VIP member and think content like this game is fun to do and deserves to get paid (My Choice) are their somethings I like and don’t like …Yep but as stated before this can be a free game to anyone which is cool

P.S. me and my daughter are original players and still remember driving to AMC theater to grab the special incubator with the small Indo DNA, the countless hours of individual fusing indom, for indo/erlidom took forever then multi fusing came out , you new players got it easy lol. :grin:
Hope everyone has a great weekend and 4th of July ,fireworks and dinosaurs


I totally agree with @giardinoni. For most of us, at least in our alliance, weekends are time to spend with family, resting and social stuff. Having one extra task in the game during the weekend might not only affect the performance in tourneys, but also might burn out players that already dedicate a lot of time to this game. I think he offers a good solution that would satisfy those that think alike and would not affect negatively to those that want to spend the weekend in the game. Ludia please listen!


I think it’s a very good decision to have raids on weekends