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Raids in the weekend impact tournament participation and performance

I really dont think they need to replace weekend raids. it is up to an individual how many times they participate in a raid, and how often they grind in the tourney

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Hi everyone, just another reminder to keep things civil, even if you don’t agree with one another, to avoid derailing the thread and continue the discussion.

I think what he meant is that serious competitors are not just participating, unlike 10-take-downers who play to get the participation points.

I don’t like weekend raids, either. It’s also NOT a choice not to do these raids, because Apexes are just made way too powerful to be missed.

if he meant serious competitors, then he should specify. i do my 10 takedowns as my participation in tournaments for alliance points. thats the bare minimum for me personally since my alliance doesnt make tournament participation an requirement. if the tournament is fun, i’ll play more. if not, why should i be unhappy and frustrated.

Say you like chess. you enter a free competition hoping to have some fun. there’s a minimum required amount of games to get a participation prize, but the higher ranked prizes are better. so, you play a few games only to realize you aren’t having any fun. so what do you do? keep playing the entire length of the competition, play till you get your participation prize, or just stop playing all together?

as for the apexes, i’m an odd one out here as i miss at least 1-2 of them a week. not too concerned with it tbh. they’re leveling quicker than i can make and level my uniques. so for team balance i would have to stop leveling them anyway.

Depending on what the months tournament reward is depends on how much I participate. My wife doesn’t play any more so on months with good rewards, I do the 10 takedowns on all our 4 accounts. We’ve gotten to the 3rd incubator, really close to the 4th.

At the same time, I do raids by myself with all 4 accounts but not the Apex ones as I don’t have the right and high enough creatures to do those and some of the legendary and unique ones I haven’t beaten yet because of lack of the right and high enough creatures… yet.

On some raids that I’m getting down to a science, I’m starting to help alliance members, one at a time when I can and if they are on. (really could use a lobby chat).

Weekend raids are not compatible with tournaments. I like helping alliance mates with raids, but on weekends I’m one and done.

Even then, a single raid mostly requires from 30 minutes up to 1 hour to do it. It’s not just 15 minutes. You need to get team together, agree on strategy, getting invites through with all bugs running around. On weekends people either have time for their families or play tournaments, so they have less time for raids.

Tournament battles got longer too with new creatures and tournaments, so you need more time to get wins needed for next rewards tier. In skill tournaments around 15-20 hours of battling through weekend are likely required for top 100.

Players also run giga scents to have more chances of getting and unlocking new creatures.

Before these weekend raids saw how exausted are some heavy raiders after a week of raiding. Few days break was great to get ready for next week. Now there is no break. Its only matter of time when players will be burnt out, as likely they will add more raids.

While I understand players that have very limited time over week for raids, I believe weekend raids are too much at least now, that we have tournaments.

I don’t know…but what if they just create and extra tap icon where all the Apex dinos are listed. You can click on any day of the week…choose the apex you want to do and they don’t appear on the map. Example: on monday with you mates you choose to do mortem and hadros, on tuesday you choose to do cera, gorgos and haast…or even in one day you choose to them all why not. This way ludia can put the apexes they want and the map would’t be overcrowded and the problem would be solved. It’s just an idea. This way the players can choose the apex they want to do at the day they choose

Well, it is an obligation.
I help my Alliance members whenever I can. But I don’t need any raid other than Apex and maybe Carno myself. Every DNAs other than Apex can be obtainable without raids. But for getting Apex DNAs there’s no other way exept raiding. So yes, it is an obligation and can’t blame players if they feel COMPELLED.

I fought myself as to whether or not I wanted to reply to a 9 day old comment, but I have time to kill so why not:

Kudos for helping your members etc etc, but to jump right into the notion of compulsion: it’s a game. Individually, we should be the ones to dictate the rhythm at which we indulge.

Under the definition of COMPELLED: individually we aren’t actually forced to do anything regarding jwa. We STILL make choices at the end of the day, regardless of how noble or selfish.

Realistically: Any game like this warrants getting “left behind” if one does not stay “up to date”. So what? That isn’t necessarily a reason to feel like you NEED to do anything. It’s futile in the end. It’s a game.

Somewhere somehow under the litany of reasons that one may list or rationalize to themselves, this is forgotten about. The feeling of being compelled to indulge is actually irrational when clear thought is involved. It starts to become akin to dependence.

It’s a game.

I wholeheartedly agree with @Tim_G here, and to clear up any confusion I would just like to add the following to further say why.

There are a multitude of alliances out there, from casual with a few players to hardcore ones who demand lots of participation.
Every player can find a suitable alliance that suits their play, and ultimately everyone should be happy.
Just as in life, you get out what you put in.

Now if you feel something is too much given that it is just a game, then it really isn’t that hard to just say no, I don’t want to spend my weekend raiding.
There are as many players who welcome weekend raids as they struggle with working week raids.

Of course the level that game plays in people’s lives is an individual thing, and I’m never going to question what it means to anyone else.

I don’t think weekend raids are an issue. Most people don’t grind tournaments either way, just settling with the 10 takedowns plus a little more.

The fact that you don’t grind tournaments doesn’t mean that most people don’t grind them either. If you take a look at the tournament leaderboard (alliance tab), there is at least 40 alliances that are on track for getting Tier 9 rewards. That means at least 2000 people who grind tournaments hardcore mode. If you go to individual tournaments one by one, it’s hard to make top 5000 with just the 10 takedowns. Depending on the tournament and your account’s strength, you may need to spend several hours over the weekend to make top 5000. That makes at least 5000 people grinding tournaments every weekend.

To those 5000 people, spending - at the least - one hour in the weekend putting a team together to hunt Apex raids on Saturday and Sunday might be an issue. Regardless it doesn’t seem to be one for yourself :slight_smile:

If people want to grind tournaments they can. If people want to do apex raids they can. It is not that difficult to put both of those things together in 1 day.