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Raids invite and pvp invite bug on IOS

All type of invites are bugged on IOS
Players using IOS don’t receive notifications about raids or friendly battles even if they are in game
This situation cause players to miss out on raids or having to restart app every time a friend or alliance member send a raid invite

Have you tried contacting ludia at

I logged a support ticket around a week ago because of this issue. I received an automated response with no answer or even acknowledging the issue. Basically check the forum, Facebook and Twitter for game updates.

Welcome to the forums @Rich1983
It takes a few business days for a real member of staff to reply. this isc due to the amount of tickets they receive. Think of it like waiting in a long line

No it’s definitely a bug that’s affected a lot of iOS users, it’s being looked into, but idk how long until we have a fix

It’s also any type of invite, friend request, raid, or challenge. As previously mentioned, the only way the iOS players in the alliance can raid is if everyone fully restarts the game.

What we have noticed, if an iOS player sends an invite to iOS players and android players, android players get the invite. If the raid leader then leaves the raid lobby and an android user becomes the raid leader, the original invites to the iOS players are then sent.

Hey Vitor_F, this is an issue our team is currently working on a fix for.