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[Raids] Jurassic World Alive | New Raid Creature May 2021

A new Epic Raid Boss will be spotted on the map this month!

This creature is a popular one. We hope you’ll be prepared for battle and challenge this raptor to a Raid to get special rewards.

On Tuesday May 11th, we’ll be introducing the one and only Blue! This boss will be replacing the Woolly Mammoth Raid.

Let us know below if you’re excited and if you will be challenging this cunning Boss.

Yet another new Rare Raid Boss will be appearing on the map in the month of May!

This creature is massively shelled and coming for you. Work together in this battle and challenge this creature to a Raid to get special rewards.

On Wednesday May 19th, we’ll introduce the awesome Meiolania!

Are you excited, and will you be challenging this Resilient Boss?

May has been a great month for Raids, and it’s about to get better!

Gather superior predators to face off against this apex dilophosaur champion. Can you impress this seasoned fighter with your performance, or will Refrenantem turn you into a fossil? :fearful:

On Friday May 28th, we’ll introduce the much anticipated Refrenantem!

Will you be brave enough to challenge this Apex Raid Boss? Let us know.


Is this your way of saying indo g2 is getting buffed in 2.8? :wink:


Yes more blue dna for indo g2 for raids


I didn’t like the Mammoth raid but my brother will like that blue has a raid

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If you’re adding Friday raids anyway… why replace Mammoth?


FINALLY something more useful and a exclusive. While not the most WANTED exclusive, definitely heading in a good direction.

gonna be fun :sunglasses:


I like the idea of blue because it is our first raid with an event exclusive dinosaur as a boss. It can lead to more event exclusive dino raids like tenotosaurus or diplodocus. It can potentially lead to hybrids and superhybrid with an exclusive component like indo gen or skoonasaurus appearing in raids.


mammo’s hybrids are more useful than this previously candy handed exclusive


I honestly prefer Mammoth than Blue. Mammoth is harder to obtain, and it has more interesting hybrids.


I find Mammoth everywhere. I’m ok with the change but what did @Mudkipz say?

Yes they should have done this so we had both Mammoth and Blue. But we have our own opinions so if you don’t like it you can not like it but others might.

No argument


What if this is Ludia’s way of saying that Blue is gonna be an ingredient for Scorpius Rex? Then people could start stockpiling before Scorpius Rex is actually released. This could set it up for Scorpius Rex being an Indominus Rex and a Blue hybrid.

Blue is kinda useless btw, only makes indo 2 which is bad

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Mammoth is used to two useful hybrids while blue makes indo gen 2 which is trash, its still good at killing fierce i guess


Why replace mammoth? Mammoth was a very useful raid to low and high level players alike. At least mammoth opens the door to 2 unique creatures and one of those uniques is very useful. (Mamolania is a beast in pvp and my alliance uses a lvl 21 unboosted mammo to kill Ceramagnus weekly).

Raptor Blue has no uniques what’s the point? We already had Erlikogamma who has no unique or legendary hybrids. Now we have 2 epic raids that have no unique hybrids. Why not replace Erlikogamma with raptor Blue instead? Epic raids should open the door to powerful unique creatures while giving players a choice on different unique hybrids to choose from. Epic Mammoth, T rex and Sinoceratops all have 1 thing in common. They all make multiple unique hybrids. (Epic ankylosaurus would have been a much better update because at least it can turn into either tryko or dioraja.) Very disappointed with the mammoth raid being removed.

This raid update is as underwhelming as the Stygidaryx and Erlikogamma raid announcement… Many players in my alliance already skip Erlikogamma and Stygidaryx raids because none of us use them in raids or pvp. If you’re going to replace raids please reconsider Stygidaryx. Give us incentives to raid not skip them.

Mammoth (Mamolania) > Raptor Blue (IndoRaptor gen2)

Erlikogamma < Raptor Blue (indoRaptor gen2)


I have been wondering is this raid last forever and ever or is this a event raid that lasts for a month or something like that

No don’t replace Gamma! She will eventually have a hybrid - and it will be super awesome! Until then, we collect more DNA from it so we can create it. Blue already has ready hybrids that we can already create. Why not just place her on Friday’s list alongside Refrenantem?

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Yes I agree with you on all this. Gamma has potential since she’s bound to get a hybrid eventually like every other thing in game, and I still will never understand why ludia just didn’t put blue with the dilo on friday, but then again I know why, because its ludia

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Wait since blue has been on the map and you are able to collect it every tuesday doesnt that mean that blue is no longer an
event exclsive?