[Raids] Jurassic World Alive | New Raid Creatures December 2020

New Raid Bosses will be spotted on the map this month!

Prepare for battle and make sure to challenge these vicious creatures to a Raid to get special rewards.

On Wednesday December 9th, we’ll be introducing the Erlikogamma!

Tuesday December 15th, we’ll be introducing the Stygidaryx!

Monday December 21st the Gorgotrebax will be making its way to the map!

Let us know what you think of the new additions to the Raids. Happy playing everyone.


Who cares about Daryx ?

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Quite a few people it’s pretty awesome if played right


this happened like…2 days ago
why are you making us wait for something that already happened

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Please stop, 4 raids a week and apex raids every raid day is becoming unmanageable. Especially for those that are alliance helpers and do multiple raids a day.


Ludia wants to cater to the “I raid for me” crowd as well as the “PvP is life” crowd. Those who want to enjoy the full experience of raids, hunting and some PvP are not the target demographic.


Daryx is awesome! However it’s resources are pretty easy to collect so don’t know how useful this raid will be.


Daryx is awesome? Huh. That must be why the most hardcore Daryx player(and the only one) in the Shores arena stopped using it. Because it’s awesome.

It’s not.


The last time I saw a full boosted daryx lvl 30, I did 3-0 without problems

@HighFlyer15 I’m not saying it’s the best unique by any stretch however this unique isn’t trash either. It’s swap in invincibility+cleansing swoop makes for a annoying yet rewarding finisher to any battle. It also contains No-Escape now so its opponents are going to have a challenging time getting away from the stacking DoT. Also keep in mind it remains to control speed with resilient strike so it’ll have Priorty if you use lethal swoop next turn. However you might say now “@MINMI why would you want to use lethal swoop when your still binded from swap in invincibility?” Well you can either not swap on lethal swoop and then swap next turn with cleansing swoop which equals 55% DoT. Or you could use invincibility and then next turn you use lethal swoop and run. How do I know the daryx can poll all this off? Well it has 4050 health which means its going to be a challenge to takedown. Now I do understand that nit the best people are using it however it might not be relevant to there team style. However I respect your opinion :grin:

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Daryx is on some top teams, and it can bring down big threats like tryko and gem with ease, especially when paired with something like Grypo or a Monolorhino


Just cus the top players don’t use it doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome (what exactly is a top player :roll_eyes: just cus they have alot of trophys means absolutely nothing especially how match making is so again what’s a top player… Or do you mean players with egos)

Yes daryx is awesome and I’ll say it again Awesome.


Daryx is a strategic creature. It’s solid, not amazing, but not utter trash. Not every creatures strategy has to be chomp chomp chomp until the opponents team is dead


What gets me is just because something can kill something straight away such as thor can do within two goes doesn’t automatically render it trash.

I love battles which are strategic not just an easy kill those are more fun to play and worthy of a well played.

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Daryx isn’t exactly what you’d expect Frodo a fierce resilient, but it a great at teamplay and a solid tank buster, heck if you swoop into the right creature you could use nothing but Daryx to take them down

Wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, even though I knew the answer would be like 1 max. Checked the top 50 players. 1 Daryx.
It can bring down those threats with ease? When? After swapping into any move that’ll slow it and then take a big hit right after? Swap in, then leave and bleed just isn’t a good move right now in this meta.
“Especially when paired with Grypo or MRhino”, the problem here is you don’t get to set these things up yourself. It’s all relying on you getting a lucky lineup.

I’ve got my Daryx at 30 and I wish it was better but it just isn’t worth using in this meta. Not at the top, like you said. Maybe far lower, where nitro Thors roam? I couldn’t tell.

A solid creature wouldn’t see barely any use. Daryx isn’t solid but it’s not trash either.
Nobody said anything about every strategy in this meta being chomp chomp chomp, just you.
You can’t swap into a big hit or a slowing without taking a big hit on the way out just to add a tiny 25% bleed and leave to then let your next creature take another free big hit. There are no small hits in this meta.

That’s exactly what it means though. If nobody uses it, even though it’s awesome, that’s kind of a hint.
Daryx is mediocre at best in this meta. Too many immune to bleed, way too many resilient creatures just slowing it down on entry and then slamming it for most of its HP.

I’ll say it again, Daryx is mediocre.

You really haven’t read the first post have you I said people do use it …the reply you put a stupid emoji on .

But anyhows you haven’t explained my other question what is a top player :rofl:

And just because it’s mediocre to you doesn’t mean it is to others .