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[Raids] Jurassic World Alive | New Raid Creatures January 2021

New Raid Bosses will be spotted on the map this month!

Prepare for battle and make sure to challenge these vicious creatures to a Raid to get special rewards.

On Monday January 11th, we’ll be introducing the Indominus Rex!


Wait does that mean we will also get a new apex?


Indom is just the last boss being released from the recent update. Ludia tends to stagger them.
maybe more in the next update, but each day is pretty full already.


I feel ludia should have like a monthly cycle of bosses. so what we have now (including indom) would be one month, and then when we get more apex bosses they could have an entire second month of bosses. it could cycle between the two or however many, imo it would be is bit more interesting like that.


That’s awesome, now add that you can get small amounts of DNA from pvp battles. Getting out and hunting Dino’s in different areas is problematic during a pandemic. Especially with lockdowna and curfews in place


I doubt they will add more in the next updates. They can only do that if they start rotating them like the migrations, which I guess they could do, but that might get a bit silly and messy with Ludia involved.


Don’t hype us about news boss raids we know that means the next update is coming so release the patch notes lol


No it doesn’t at all. This Indom boss was part of 2.3 if you look back at the release notes it said it was coming in January.

It is likely that the last few updates came out a lot quicker than usual because they were on a schedule of releasing all the raids. Now that the weekly schedule of raids is full I doubt they will be releasing any more new raids for some time. Which means the release of updates may go back to the frequency they were before.

We still don’t have friday Saturday or Sunday raids

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i highly doubt they would add raids during the tournament time slot.


A mi me gustaría aque de pudiera comprar adn :D, de cualquier dinosaurio que tengas claro :u, pero por la rareza más precio

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I would like that I could buy DNA: D, of any dinosaur that you have clear: u, but for the rarity more price

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friday raids

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Those are for tournaments and epic creatures

Up till today the raid bosses were often so thinly dispersed I mostly encountered NONE on my daily walk. Raids take so long Ludia cannot possibly expect us to stand on a street corner for an hour or more. Time to look at pogo raids for tips. And you need an extra device with a third party chat app to even stand a chance to complete any raid above epic. Come on, don’t be cruel Ludia. Give us lobby emotes at least? Play your own game and see what it’s really like. Oh, and please give us weekend raids. The tournaments are short lived and mostly tedious. Otherwise thanks for a great game!


this one is going to be asweome i hope. im gonna do this one everytime, i hope.

I think cycling between 3 weeks would be nice

Oh wow, I like how its minions are some of the raptor squad, prob would have been disappointing if it was anything else really

i just looked, and the calendar bothers me. 2 of them are in order of apex to epic. and the other two try to do epic to apex, but apex and unique are swapped. imo would look more appealing if they went with a single order.


#OCD same tho

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