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[Raids] Jurassic World Alive | New Raid Creatures January 2021

It takes 2500 trophies to reach Badlands.

hahahaha laughs in super nitro gamma noises

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i use it all the time if u pt time in it is a amazing counter to a lot of things

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Yes, sir, I did.
Gamma is not even in the top 5 if a tournament is only about epic hybrids at the same level. And if the tournament allows you to choose other epics, or even legendaries, Gamma will barely be choose.

But we need to suppose what kind of tournament we are speculating here. A no boost tournament? All creatures set up to 26?
No, Gamma is not raid-worthy.

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It doesn’t need to be top 5 to be good. It wrecks Indom G2 either by swapping in or just 1v1, it’s a really good revenge-killer (higher damage than the others, is immune to Distraction to deal with Puru and other speedsters), is Immune to swap-prevention like the other Cunnings to deal with No Escape and it has a hit-and-run move for decent swap-utility.

It’s definitely one of the best Epic hybrids out there, and that’s all ignoring the fact that it doesn’t have a superhybrid yet, meaning unlike something like Sarcorixis it isn’t an evolutionary dead-end. It could end up with a really good Legendary or Unique hybrid.


Literally gamma is the most annoying cunning in epic tournament, PP then swap out. Indom g2 goes Mutual furry ? Just swap in gamma (gain +50% attack) and it will one shoot everything.
Its Shame that she only has one Rampage without impact ( i think it should gain impact and run instead of Strike and run)

Thank you, but that’s so lame. I’ve been playing 4 months now and I’m only at 1400 trophies. seems like I’ll never get to play in Tournaments.

You’ll get there, things appear to have slowed down for me once I got into aviary. Been in aviary for 4-5 months now and have been playing for almost a year, Feb

Thanks for the pep talk, but do they ever do tournaments for newer players?

I don’t really know… I have no clue if they may allow newer players to do the GOOD OLD rare and common tourneys, but I am pretty sure that doesn’t happen. I cannot help ya there, someone who joined b4 me can probably help more with this stuff

I’m pretty sure once you hit 2500 trophies you can participate in tournaments. You just have to hit 2500 not stay in 2500 trophies