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[Raids] Jurassic World Alive | New Raid Creatures July 2021

Are you ready for the new Raid Boss that will be spotted on the map this month?

Gather your Raid team to defeat this focused flying creature because this screeching eagle is entering the Raids fray!

On Saturday July 3rd, we’ll be introducing the Apex Haast Maximus!

Is your excitement sky high for this battle?


The only thing that doesn’t excite me is weekend raids. Now gotta make sure all 4 of us are available 7 days a week.

Would have preferred it left out of weekends.


for some people it’s better because they are more free on weekends


Yep I completely understand that, but it doesn’t really help them much as it’s only going to be 2 of the 7 Apexs over weekends.

I just don’t like the raids being 7 days a week because of the issues that are so time consuming:

  • Invite bugs requiring people to restart the app constantly
  • The long-winded 4 round raids
  • Too many counter-attack/action boss’s requiring a counter animation on EVERY move
  • The constant delay after certain moves/rounds can sit there for almost 10 seconds wait

Ludia have done nothing and shown no effort to work on any of this.

hopefully the one you unlock is black like all the other graphics. the boss is brown and for the most part just looks like a regular eagle.

Anyone can help me I have I can’t login in jw alive my internet also good but I can’t login to jw alive it shows please reconnect to server if I click reconnect boom it shows please choose your account if I click it repeats showing that so pls help me anyone knows to fix this help