[Raids] Jurassic World Alive | New Raid Creatures March 2022

Can you and your team bring down this crocodilian menace?

Show off your battle skills on March 16th when the Imperatosuchus joins the rotation to wreak havoc as a Raid Boss!

Grab your Raid team and bring down this tower!

Get into battle mode on March 18th when the Brachiosaurus joins the rotation and thuds into the Raids!

We mentioned that it won’t be the last you’ll see of the Mortem rex Raid and we meant it!

As part of the Tournament Clash 2 theme the Mortem rex Raid will be making a special and limited time exclusive return on March 27th, 2022. Get your battle on DPG members!


ITS a beautiful

Check out the new upcoming Boss Raid!

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Just make Mortem a weekend raid… … :confused:


Then that would mean having to get rid of one of the weekend Apex’s.

Why do that? I’m sure anyone who wants it would happily raid two apex on the weekend


@E.D Will Mortem be a 1-day thing on the 27th? Or will it be a once-per-day on the 27th, 28th, and 29th for the duration of the Tourney clash 2 week?

I am happy mortem is returning but just want more info on the situation. Does this mean mortem will return every few weeks? Like a raid rotation? I still have to unlock my mortem rex and only have 55 DNA. At least increase the amount of mortem DNA players can get to make up for the amount of DNA players are missing out on.

@E.D may I suggest these types of post be in the announcements section? It makes more sense to have all game related announcements and updates in that section. Thanks for your time.

So how will we be able to ever get Mortem to 30 if it will appear only in special, limited events from now?

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