[Raids] Jurassic World Alive | New Raid Creatures October 2021

This hot-blooded creature is crawling into Raids! Can you and your team take down this Unique Boss?

Show us your skills Monday October 4th, when we introduce the Unique Andrewtops!

This battle-ready creature is racing into Raids! Can you and your team take down another Unique Boss?

Battle it out Thursday October 7th, when we introduce the Unique Phorurex!

The bioluminescent Boss is streaking into Raids! Can you and your team take down this nocturnal predator?

Battle it out Thursday October 26th, when we introduce the Unique Parasauthops!


Honestly, I’m really excited for these two new raids. I need Phorurex and want Andrew, so a raid for both of them is really nice. Unfortunately, they’re both three rounds and might be really difficult. (Plus there’s no Indotaurus raid…)


Let’s see if phorurex will be as hard as the rhinchicyon boss


Is there any carrying strat for these two?

Probably no, Ludia wants US to play the game longer so they would make new raids hard


One of the main reason that Capone’ “Oh No” exist :cry:

I’m happy for new raids.

My only complaint is the lack of ability to communicate in the lobby to at minimum get everyone with the right or decent creatures to help actually win these.

I play these raids all by myself with my two and wife’s two accounts as communicating to myself in my head is nice and fast from getting the right creatures to making the right moves at the right time.

In many of these raids, you have to have the exact right creatures to at least a certain level, along with making the exact right moves at the exact right time and then provided the minions make the exact right moves and don’t mess up you can actually win these.

For casual alliances, these raids are no fun and a waste of time to even bother trying. No communication with random creatures just doesn’t work on most these raids and now even some epic ones. Lobby chat would help greatly. I want to help my younger alliance members but needing them to have a specific creatures at a specific level and make all the right moves??. I can’t even help them and I generally don’t have the time to waste losing over and over and knowing we will lose from the beginning before even starting.


Plz use those replacements with indoraptor and stygidaryx

And why do u hate smilonemys so much

I need people to join my raids. I wanna get the indoraptor boss on Wednesdays, but I need people to fight along side me, I can’t do it myself