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[Raids] Jurassic World Alive | New Raid Creatures

New Raid Bosses will be spotted on the map this week!

Prepare for battle and make sure to challenge these vicious creatures to a Raid to get special rewards.

On Wednesday September 23rd, we’ll be introducing the Pyrritator!


On Thursday September 24th, we’ll be introducing the T. Rex!


Let us know what you think of the new additions to the Raids. Happy playing everyone.


Oh that looks cool

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What about grypo and now it’s the blue bosses what next


Grypo and Lux will be next week (Mon/Tue).


Grypo yes, Lux the week after that


Ah yes 2 weeks until Lux.

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Having two apex creatures a week might be to time consuming for a lot of people. I guess we will see what happens

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For those who don’t have a guaranteed way to beat them, it will be tough indeed. But overall this will be pretty cool


I hope Lux comes next week rather than 2 weeks later.

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Rexy is too easy, just bring 4 dinos with any form of distraction and Rex will never kill anything. Pyroraptor on the other hand is a bit of a challenge and you need the right team to bring it down.

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I think you mean Pyritator

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Yes, you are right :wink: Pyritator


Nice to have neuw bosses great, just want to ask somthing i hav a few frinds that also play’s JWA but its verry pity we cant chat with etschather mayby you can fix that. Thx and srr for my bad englich typing :slight_smile:

This is kool

Can you get Mortem Rex

I found hadros lux boss!

Oof nice. That’s cool