[Raids] Jurassic World Alive | Raid Schedule

Hello everyone!

Here is a dedicated place for you to view the Raid Schedule at your own leisure.
We will update this space every time we add a new Raid and inform you of all the changes.

Remember, some raids only get introduced after a certain date and not immediately after an update releases.

Hope this helps and happy battling DPG members!

Raid Schedule:


Wait where is the apex dilo raid

that’ll come in two weeks

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Are you considering my suggestion of having a new Raid strike tower on the map where you can start a lobby for any of the raids that day?

Right now you are fully aware that 5 raids a day with massive creatures all over the map is causing issues on the map, there’s hitbox issues which you’ve admitted is still an issue.

Changing it to a strike tower that acts as a lobby for all 5 raid bosses, where you choose which raid to do will make it much more accessible, will remove the hitbox problem, and will probably go some way to make your playerbase happier, because we all know right now it is not.



Updated Schedule!


Is it possible to get the new raid schedule update ?? Or where i can find it ?

This is the updated Raid schedule. I was last updated March 15th :slight_smile:

New Update to schedule! Take a look.