Maybe I’m just a low guy or I’m just trash at the game, but can we make the raids just a little more doable. As in able to win. I’ve played with a full team and multiple different Raids and haven’t even come close to a win!

Just my humble opinion, thanks

You and your squad have to use proven strategies and have the right creatures to fulfill the roles. Then the raids become very doable. Check out the JWA discord. They have a huge section full of raid strategies for all levels and a lot of players that join up for raids.

You should communicate with your alliance and friends. There are multiple doable strategies for every single raid in the game with the specific creatures, level requirements, abilities to use and notes in case something odd happens. As T-Wrecked said, join the Jurassic World Alive Discord, they have a lot of working strats for all raids (some rare raids can even be soloed).