Rain On My Parade


Bah. I’m feeling better and out of bed from my flu battle looking forwards to walking and getting some tarbosaurs when…

Uhh… crap. I can’t walk my son out in that. It’s now a full blown thunderstorm.

Any dinos you want stay out of reach due to weather?


Winter is going to be painful! :persevere:


Oh man if I was back north yeah! Down south now this summer heat is the issue. Trading with ya when the seasons change lol


There was a thunderstorm a couple days ago, Trex in the vacinty but too far to dart. Weather can’t stop me, soaked shoes, got that Rexy :grimacing:

Thunderstorm all week today :man_shrugging:t3:


Ill be trudging in the snow :joy:


Epics are the only thing that get me out in the rain but it doesnt stop me :joy:


^^ Don’t forget Stego’s :roll_eyes::joy:


Haha unless it’s a spinosaurus gen 2, I may have to pass :joy:


Nahhhh im sittin on like 14-15k steg dna rn lol


Look forward to our rematch once I’ve got this guy :joy::grin:


Oh i actually have 19.5k stego dna rn :sweat_smile: hopefully my indom is 20 after this rex event and i can work towards indo…my stegod has 2 shot a few of them btw


F*** that’s a lot of stego :joy: I’ve literally got 170.
I just need veloraptor and I should be able to get him! Managed to find 3 rex’s today within 50 meters of each other.

I’d be so pissed if you two shot him :joy:


Its so satisfying considering multiple indos have dodged 4-6 times on me in a row