Rain stop play


Oh for a smartphone that can reliably tell the difference between my finger and the raindrops running down the screen! :grinning:


Tell me about it, i live in UK, it’s always raining here :rofl:
Makes things difficult, I tried to use cover but it didn’t let me hunt, bit like with condom, you can slide but you don’t touch the surface :rofl:


Two words for you guys! Umbrella Hat!


Otherwise you just creep under tree in the park while hiding something in your hand :rofl:
Just make sure you have ID just in case :rofl::rofl:


Nah the uk has had very little rain in the past three months you should of made use of the weather or get a water proof phone lol


And I did use it :sunglasses:
I do have waterproof phone, but water on the touchscreen is still a problem.


In South Florida it’s sweat :sweat: that’s more of a problem


Do you wanna swap?? :rofl:


Rain for sweat! In Florida unfortunately we have lots of both! When it’s not raining you’re sweating :sweat_smile:


Lol yes its raining bad here in the south of the UK…I’m just lucky to have 2 green event drops all within my map boundary! I will have to go out later to get darts literally 1 min walk as I’m just on the cusp of 2 of the orange supply drops…umbrella in hand I will venture :grin::cloud_with_rain::umbrella: