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Raise awareness to buff the prize wheel

All I have to show is this (Elite Prize BTW)

Everyone just post all your crappy prize wheel rewards and the tier the wheel was

The best thing I’ve got since archelon tourney started and it’s not even that much (Advanced Wheel)

This is enough to feed a triceratops from level 1-10 LUDIA!!! (Elite Prize)

You need to be patient with the spin wheel. Cause then, your patience is rewarded with:

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I’m bashing Ludia a lot lately and they deserve a lot of the critics, but the Elite Prize Wheel is totally legit, you just need to put it into the right perspective.

The Elite Prize wheel gives you a 50:50 chance to win something decent and it also gives you an extra spin. So on average every win gives you an ok price.
Playing the PvP’s makes more sense if you really are willing to grind as you get decent rewards over a longer stretch, but the odds are definitely legit. If you win 10-20 games on the Elite wheel, odds are good that you win something worth it and you usually get your DB’s at least back, so it’s basically only your time you’re investing here.

Though you should avoid just playing some occasional matches as this can easily lead to disappointment and frustration, it can easily happen that your 50:50 chance gives you 4-5 coins and food in a row. That’s just how odds work and you just need to accept it.

A team like below screenshot (1 x lvl 40 Super Rare & 2 x lvl 40 Legendaries) entitles you for the Elite Prize wheel and the meat-shield strategy should easily give you 9 out of 10 wins at least. PvP’s can easily stock up your resources, even if you don’t have the biggest Dino fleet.


Not only are the prize wheel prizes crap now but instead of watching a video to get another go you have to spend let’s have a guess… BUCKS and for what some prize that makes no difference to our resources

Although you can win good prizes @Kiarash_Bahar and @Paderborn1907 i dont pay 5 bucks and have to wait 8+ hours for my some of my dinos back for 7,000 food. They need to either decrease the chances of food or coin from the wheel or increase the amount that you recieve from it. I’ll play live arena until i get a good prize and tell you how many games it took ok?

If you play a mod PvP for 10 bucks you have a chance of almost 60% to win either SDNA, a SDNA card pack or dino bucks.
This looks quite fair for me.

thhats only for modded arena @Tommi some people dont wanna spend their mods


well hey it only took 9 battles but i finally got 100 bucks then 40 bucks from the second spin

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so i profited well there but my point still stands, they should give more coin than 14k and more food than 7k


The Elite Mod wheel has no food or coins.
Edit: just did three rounds of MOD PvP. Won 50 Sarco DNA, an Aerotitan (Super Rare) and a Diplotator (Rare hybrid)

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Your worst prize will be 40 regular dna. SR dinos, either that aerotitian or the amphib kaprosuchus. Hybrids, I’ve gotten most often the diplolator, but also spinoraptor. 50 SDNA is a regular occurrence, mostly velociraptor and sarcosuchus, but sometimes monosopholous. The SDNA pack’s actually a regular prize too, and I’ll bet you’’ll win one within your next 3-5 victories. LPs, less common, maybe 40, but today I hit a 400, first time ever. Cash, if you ever hit, mostly 30, sometimes 80, only very rarely higher, like the 400 I hit that one single time. Whatever it is, way better than those “Top Prize” events spins. In the long run, I don’t think anyone has yet lost bucks playing the modded, just considering bucks alone, not counting other types of prizes. Short run, of course, your bucks might go down. But when you’re getting, say, 50 SDNA, should you be complaining?


@ImElusiveYT I first thought as well that it would hit my fleet for cool downs, but that’s actually not the case.

A Lvl 40 Legendary enables you already for the Elite wheel when you play with 2 x Meat-Shields and those are super easy wins. Every frequent player has lvl 40 Legendary dinosaurs so with this method you can grind pretty much all day long and farm resources.

Both of the below matchups entitle you for the Elite wheel and the Aquatics wheel is even better as it has only Super Rare and Legendary Dinosaurs plus the Aquatic pack which can include Dino Bucks

I skipped Yesterday’s Monsters of the deep as the rewards are pathetic, so for that 5 x Battles I need 15ish good Dinosaurs, so I played 15 Aquatic PvP’s instead and ended up with a lot of resources (incl. 700 DB’s)

Since the update they nerfed the wheel a bit, you’re getting less Dinosaurs (hurts especially on the Aquatic), but you get a lot of resources instead so it isn’t too bad. I know it can be annoying to hit 5-6 coins/food in a row, but in the end it’s always worth it.


For the MoD PvP’s you only need a decent coin farming so you can buy some Common MoDs. They’re cheap.

These makes sense if you want the S-DNA, resources will be less frequent, but it’s at least Hit only, so can be decent as well.

Method is the same like explained above, your meat-shields can be even more useful if they get supporting MoD’s (e.g. Endurance) or you can go for a guaranteed win and give them all ‘split wound’



Thank you for all the tips you guys you’re all really helpful


At times I feel the wheel prizes are preset or rigged. Anyone notice when you have 2 prize packs out of 3 in missions then you go to spin and your game rings and “mission complete” pops up before you spin. You spin and win the 3rd pack. Hmm.

All wheel prizes are determined right as you enter the screen for the wheel, the spin is only theatrics to make you think you almost won the big prize.


I personally wish they would take coins and food out of all spin wheels and also out of all vip packs these packs should be dinosaurs, Dino bucks, dna, s-dna only