Raise coin / cash limit


Current coin / cash limit barely goes up (if it does at all?) with leveling up. I know Ludia wants to make money but if they want to keep their player base, especially with Walking Dead coming out and Harry Potter in the works, they should be a little more generous.

Lack of coins
Not enough coins daily
Coin limit :(

Coin limit does increase with level, not sure what the cash limits are though.


Why do you keep increasing the cost of DNA? It changes almost every week ?!


Come on - this game is p2w enough. Why also this ridiculous coin limit? I only did a few fights (maybe 15/20 today) and now I‘ll get nothing for a win. Only some ranking points.


36 coins per win. Lol. :see_no_evil:


Yeah lol between the bots, the limits, and the cost of upgrading at higher levels (60k+ each), this game is going to lose plenty of players soon enough.


Yes. :confused:
So much potential. It looks the same like FIFA and EA. Community isn’t heard enough. :frowning:


almost every game is like that. clash royale only lets you get like 400 coins per day.


I couldn’t agree more. I really love the game but since its i have started playing it i reached the coin limit every day ( now lvl 14). It’s is fine that it’s harder for a free to play player to be competitive but at the moment it’s impossible for her/him to have a team of lvl 20 dinos. There is no fun in reaching a limit of the most important ressource in the game after playing for 1-2 hours.

In pokemon go you have to grind for 6-8 hours every day to come close to the weekly limits but in jwa you reach them much too fast! To be honest thats disappointing! Even for vip’s ( like me) the fun is over after ~3hours. In pogo i used to grind for 10h sometimes but in jwa there is no point in doing that :frowning: .
If ludia wants a large community than they need to give f2p players at least a chance of being competitive. And with a larger community they would not need the arena bots anymore and all of us would have a lot more fun with the game.


Yes unfortunately … you are right. probably ludia won’t adress the issue and the game will die soon :frowning: please ludia do something! We don’t want this game to die!


I currently have 10 Dinos is needing upgrades of 4,000 up to 15,000 coins. It is impossible with daily limits to upgrade, especially when you are disabled and not able to go out often. I have to rely on the one drop you have now moved across a busy dangerous road, leaving me with no options. You added drops around the neighboring farms, who don’t play. Also parks around here have only 1 chance at special dinos. You even have a lot of them in the swamp


The “daily limit” on coins drastically needs to be increased, at level 12 I am limited to around 12-13k per day (with VIP)… I currently have 46 Dinos ready to level up but the ones I used all require 40k + coins, that’s 3-5 DAYS to get he coins needed for 1 Dino, why even bother playing past ur limit if u can level anything up???


That’s my only real complaint about the update. The daily limit is still absurdly low. I have multiple dinos at or around this level and I can’t keep spending $100 (real money) each month just to get coins. Eventually I’ll get tired of having to do that and just stop and lose interest since I won’t be able to level more than one dino a month.


I could not agree more. My husband and I would spend all day playing Pokémon go and not reach our limits. With jWA we reach our limit within 30-60 mins of being out and about. And we are levels 14 and 15. So frustrating they need to lose the limit. If I am willing to put in the time then I should get the rewards