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Raise the Dart Storage

Only being able to hold 140 darts at one time is just too low. Theres no point in even having any of the scents. You run out of darts within 10 minutes. If you max out all the supply drops you can collect atleast 2000 darts but wont let you hold over 140? LoL please raise the storage level to a respectable number of 1000 or more! Otherwise my darting days are more or less over. I WILL NOT be spending in game cash on darts like they want you too.


So… you can spin drops for darts while the scent is running. If you’re on the move while the scent is running (which you should be) you should be getting 20-40 darts per drop at close range while firing 12-15. I also think you’ll find most of the community took advantage of the 100 coin darts deal and have half a million darts now so although I sympathize I don’t know how pressing this need truly is

I wish they do… it is getting harder to get and have enough darts…

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You don’t have to be at a limit of 140 darts. If you go above that number it displays till 999, after which this is what shows :


Now, when you are darting a creature, you can see how much actually you have saved up.

Screenshot_20210526-151643_JW Alive

Hope this answers your question?

Ive known that. Ive bought the dart sales for 100 coins each since it started but im also a big fan of darting. My supply is down to 4,000 darts and will most likely only last me 1 more week. Once you are over the 140 dart limit any darts you collect from supply drops does not go towards your total supply. The only way to go above the 140 limit will be to buy the darts with in game cash which i WILL NOT do.


You completely missed the point of the topic.

You can no longer go above 140 without buying darts. We’re back to what it was pre-pandemic and that same 140 limit since the game released. It’s about time they increase it a bit.


Oh okay @GPx @SnakeBite apologies, yeah I agree with you there.

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