Raise the seasonal pack dragon odds!

As the title suggests, the current situation of seasonal market pack dragon odds suck horribly. Ive spoken with many other players about it and they all agree that the odds are unfair and make the season boring and hardly worth participating in. A couple have even mentioned quitting RoB entirely because of it which is saying quite a lot.

Raising the odds to 10% or much higher would make us actually feel like we have a chance of obtaining the new dragons. Right now, they feel paywalled and our progress with newer flocks since this change are hardly filled in. For some of us veterans, the new flocks are the only dragons they have left to get and they are getting behind because of it and are increasingly becoming more frustrated as a result.

TLDR: Fix the odds by increasing them, make checking into RoB actually rewarding. Think about the players here, not your wallets.


I agree. Also, the seasonal pack dragons from past seasons are unavailable to purchase with runes, nor have they been in any other events since then. That isn’t fair to players who didn’t get the chance to obtain them then. Other dragons have been in many events after the events they were introduced in.


I agree, if this is a petition, you can count me as having signed it


I got 20 Packs. No Dragon. Bug or Feature?