Raise your DNA average when hunting


When I first started, like everybody, i tried to hit dead center every dart in the map mode. I averaged, through last week, approximately 50 to 70 DNA per hunt

Well, a few days ago i started trying something…and if you got good reflexes, try this. I started just shooting the heck out of each animal…rapid fire. just try to get it IN the circles.

Now, most hunts, I get 80 to 100 DNA per hunt.

Anybody else do it this way? is this the best way to hunt?


You’ll get more on average by taking that extra second to bullseye.


This is the general strategy for hunting epics which are hard to hit bulleyes.


IMO its definitely better use of time to try for perfect shots (aiming a little ahead to account for dino speed etc) and get perfect score, rather than to shoot randomly.

Shooting roughly I can get off 12 darts at a dino with maximum drone life. Maybe I’ll get 10DNA per shot if I’m lucky. Aiming properly I can get 7 or 8 perfect shots, getting 24DNA each (at my current level).


i suppose it’s a playing style choice coupled with certain physical and reflex abilities.


maybe that is what makes the difference for me. i’m only level 8 so i don’t get NEARLY that much DNA for a perfect shot…more like 12 to 16 depending on dino rarity.

I plan to switch between both methods this week and get some solid data.


You raise a very good point that the difference between ‘perfect’ and ‘pretty close’ isnt as extreme at earlier levels.


I personally feel rapid shooting around the dino might not be the best way to go. Consider this: hitting the bullseye will give you “Your Level” + 10 for commons while random hits around will give only 4 - 6 points (assuming you are not so high level). On an average, you need around 3 shots to match the bullseye score.
This does not mean you take your time to target the bullseye. I usually move my cursor in the direction the dino is moving and leave the dart just ahead of the target(outer ring). Based on the dinos speed, you might have to shoot bit further ahead.
Every group of dino have a different feel and once you get it, it is very easy. E.g.: Nunda, Kapro, Posto have similar hunting styles.
Same for Euphlo, Nodo, Anklyo etc.


Practice makes perfect. I shoot fast and get regularly 250-300+ on commons 150-200+ rares and 100+ epics (minus evil rex which is hard) buy I have basically memorized where to let go at certain points and even if its only a 10 or 11 dna dart im fine with it


Another point is to let go of the dart if you go too off the target. Getting the reticule back to the target wastes lot of time.
Rather leave the dart while you are moving in wrong direction and quickly change your direction.


Work on getting that bullseye more often and it’ll become natural soon enough. I average about 250-280 DNA per raptor these days because of all the direct hits. When it comes to T-Rex though, I just spray and pray when it’s on the tail or an awkward spot like that. I still can’t dart a T-Rex efficiently even though I see them all the time.


i have never considered that strategy … but makes sense… i’ll try that with ones like diplocaulus that are so squiggly when they run. that’s my worst one to hunt…i never break 50 on that little guy.


If i see them getting near the out of bonds i rapid fire them like rambo and hope they turn :joy:


I fast dart all my dinos especially epics now, and i go for the direct hits. With a level 14 VIP these are what I average. All in the :+1:t2: lol

100-130+ for trex, 160-180+ monolophosaurus, 150+ sinoceratops, erlikosaurus 130-150+, pyroraptor 130-160+, concavenator 130-160+, baryonyx 120-130+, rajasaurus 130-140+, ouranosaurus 100-130+, kentrosaurus 110-130+, secodontosaurus 110-130+, koolasuchus 150-190+


First off, what level are you that you’re only getting 50 DNA per hunt? When I started out, I was averaging about 80-90per hunt. Now that I’m at level 9, im averaging 140-150 per hunt (commons), 120 dna (rare), and 90-100 (epic).


Level 8.

But most of the low numbers are because most of the good ones are miles away and my car is broken down. So, I gotta go with what’s within 150 meters of my house


When i’m out and about walking and I get up close to the dino for common and rare I always take the time to go for the direct hit. I’m also level 8 so get 18 per direct hit. Certain dinos, like Stego I generally get direct hit every time and therefore get around 144 dna.

When it comes to Epics, I tend to just go for the circle quicker with the exception of the first hit, i always got for direct on that. When it comes to TRex I for some reason find it so hard to try and get direct hit compared to other epics, maybe it’s because i get excited at the thought, but that’s when i go a bit more rapid.

The exception for epics is during events. I’ll try my hardest to get as close to direct as possible as there’s usually only 6 attempts, so the more dna the better. Whether i’d get more from rapid fire, i don’t know, but rather not take the risk.