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Raising Dragon ability

Does anyone have any input on a sure fire way of raising a dragons special abilities? There are times when the percentage can be as high as 75-80% without raising ability. Sometimes as low as 18-20 and without even trying it will raise up. Excluding being at 100%,(which I’ve never been able to do) are there any members that have a high success rate formula that they would like to share? Any input would be great,thanks

4 copies of the same dragon will give you a 100%(25% each) chance of a raise.

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I find it hard enough to get 2 dupes of a 4 and 5 star dragon, therefore getting 100% is not an option. I was just curious if others had a formula they stick to. Like if they only use 1 color, combo of all colors, always use a sheep,or if they dont use a dragons weak color as fodder. Other than the 100% is it just luck? Maybe this was a dumb question but I was curious. Thanks for the reply @Sienna_Meadows

I always use at least 10 x 2* dragon, which gives me 40 % chance. Before I get the dragon to max level, I alrady have the ability levelled to 10.
For example, my 3* Barf & Belch has the ability already maxed.

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Yeah that’s basically what I do as well. I’ve had a couple dragons in the past and one at the moment that is giving me issues. A dragon at almost 4star with a 5. My frustration is what led me to ask this question. From your answer I’m assuming that’s what we all do, I guess some dragons are just stubborn. To keep giving a dragon more than 40% costs a lot of resources and time. Thanks @Mr.Cancel

With 4 and 5* dont worry about it. They will get there.

If you’re worried, dont use sheep as they significantly lower the amount of ability level up chances due to their high exp


Yeah that’s how it seems @Talisax , some dragons wait til last moments to ability up. I guess I was just hoping for some magical response from someone lol. It’s just so much nicer when you can give them whatever to level them up cause you maxed out early with the ability, and dont have to give 10 dragons with 60k in fish everytime. Thanks for the tip with the sheep. Wasn’t aware of that.

I generally use as few low star dragons (usually 1 or 2*) to level up one level at a time at the beginning. I find that this uses more fish, but usually gives me a maxed or near maxed ability by the time I hit the cap before I need duplicates. Like I said, it uses more fish, but I find that I’m able to make up the high expenditure with a high fish income from events and special quests. And of course, the tens of egg quests for those Hatch 15 egg duties!

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If you use dragons of the same colour to level up, the chance would double.If you use the exactly same dragon to level up, the chance would be 25%. 1* , 1.5%, 2* ,2%, 3*, 3%, 4*,4%. Because the lack of scales, I always use 1* dragons of the same colour to level up. Normally when I level it up to 3*, its ability would be nearly at max level, and for those 3* non-hybrid dragons, I can get extra copies easily; for 4* and 5* dragons, their abilities would easily get to max level before they are at max level.

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I do the slow one level at a time as well and most of my dragons will max their ability levels long before I max out their 3rd or 4th star. Feed them 1 star fodder as long as you can and avoid doing multiple levels at the same time. Chance of level up is smaller, but gives you more chances, so at least for me that works out much better.

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Oh, right, I forgot to mention. I only use same colour fodder unless the dragon is at a high level/I have no other use for a colour at that time/running low on roster space.

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