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Raising the Alliance Member Cap potentially leads to an increase in ARPU

Increase the alliance member cap by 50%. Allowing alliances to have a maximum of 75 players.

More players in active alliances means = an increase of sales through word of mouth.

How? A player who purchase incubators and boosts usually share this information with their alliance members promoting the purchase with their excitement. Spreading sales fever with more active players. You should see how excited everyone gets when boosts are in the store.

Alliances/Players will also benefit from this increase in the cap by allowing them to reach 5/5 at a natural pace and playing the game as it was meant to be played. So, no need to spend all those hours having your economy designer and engineering modifying the current missions (as requested in Alliance Mission – Defense difficulty ) when a simple change to the cap can make these missions achievable.

Ludia could also see an increase in retention with a larger active group. Less users will leave if they are in an active alliance where they have forged friendships with similarly skilled players. There are many great alliances out there that are capped out with active players. This would allow these alliances to bring more players into their fold. Also, smaller alliances can merge with others more easily.

Of course, I don’t have to mention, increase in DAU, MAU, and session duration. This will all come when alliances welcome active members who find themselves in alliances which don’t meet their play style.

Yes, alliance leaders may feel a bit more overwhelmed by keeping track of all these players, but most 5/5 alliance leaders delegate like a boss. Also, Ludia can do their part by providing the much needed alliance tools which players have been desperately asking for to help these dedicated and sometimes overworked leaders.

Anyhow, it would be a nice option which may require less engineering time and may resolve the unbalanced alliance mission issue.