Raja and Erlik


Please Ludia, give these to us in the weekly event (not together!!)
I would be eternally grateful :pray:t2:


Agreed :slight_smile:


But if everyone was to get them, even the newbies, what is the advantage?


Having new strong dinosaurs in your collection is always nice.


I will just say, I need BOTH of those.
Also, we do need these in special events.


I’m not worried about everyone else. Will they benefit from it? Yes. I just want my Diorajasaur and Erlidominus :smirk:


While those new players spent all attempts to create this dino, I could get average 150+ DNA from each attempt, and could able to prepare for creating hybrids.
Still great, and good for everyone.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Those little turds are never by me! I haven’t even beeen able to hatch an epic erlik yet!


+1 for raja on next event


erlidominus is just another RNG prayer. not much different than indominus rex, but way harder to get. i just don’t have anything better to replace it with.



My Erlidom will just be for the collection :ok_hand:t2:
Dio, on the other hand, is goin in my team. Regardless of its stats, it’s just the coolest lookin creature in the game :heart_eyes:


raja is not a good dino, but rajakylo is annoying
counter-attacker with a good armor and shields.

erliko is also not good, but erlidominus will
be a great credit to your future team.

and one thing we can do is…

hoping for it.