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Rajaanky or Ankykentro?


I JUST got anky up to 15 so DNA is scarce. Where should I focus it?

Here’s my team so far. I’ll have pyrrirator after this weekend.


Rajankylosaurus is better than akytrosaurus by himself, but trykosaurusbisbbetter than diorajasaur, you must level the 2 dinosbto 20 amyway for unlock uniqies in end game, so until 20 you can go for what you want

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I love my raja. He’s still a baby at 16 but he’s taken down numerous dinos 3-4 levels higher than him :heart_eyes:


same here, i added quite a few dinos to my team recently and megalos and raja are the best

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I would definitely go for raja first, he has more usefulness rather than just prolonging a fight