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Rajaklyosurus might be useless in pvp but

This guys sucks in pvp but he has 3 different shields. I think this is the most for any Dino. Could be very useful in raids. Always being able to shield someone and removes the prowl in nemys.

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He is good for the mammo raid. That’s it. But he’s really good in that raid though. Smilonemys he might be able to work in because of II, acutally, plus that counter attack

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he actually isn’t that bad in pvp, he can hold his own against a lot of creatures that don’t go through shield, and he’s got resilient meaning he does good against things like indogen2, monomimus,and he also can beat things like phos

Hes good in raids including his unique.

I was in a Mammotherium raid where I tanked with my Rajankylosaur. We won, so he’s at least adequate.

Though it might have been the rest of the team who carried me, because I forgot to taunt on the first big hit that came our way.

I’m using it on my team for pvp battles, until I can unlock the Diorajasaurus, and put it in its place.

Hes good in raids almost as good as tryko.