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Rajakylosaurus NEEDS a buff


First off I would like to point a few things before going into discussion. I have personally used Rajakylosaurus myself and I have used it against EQUAL and Overleved players/bots. This means this is being made where dinos are on equal playing and are being tested against higher leveled dinos, not against lower level opponents.

Before Global Release, Rajakylo had higher stats, more equal stats even but after that it was nerfed HEAVILY making it near unusable in the arena because of how quickly it dies against most meta dinos.

Let’s look at its stats based on Metahub’s dinodex calculated at level 26:
Health: 3240
Attack: 860
Speed: 104
Armour: 25%

At first glance it seems as though these stats are pretty great but if one were to look at dinosaurs with the same archetype (Counter-Attack dinos) it stats fail to catch up. Keep in mind Rajakylo is a Legendary

Majungasaurus 3930 and 860 attack and Lythronax has both higher health and attack at 4050 and 890 in comparison to Rajakylo. These two are commons both having the same build as Rajakylo.

How about rares and Epics? Majundasuchus has 3360 and at 900 attack. Rajasaurus which is an ingredient for it has 3270 and 950 for its stats still higher than Rajakylo.

Hybrid stats are usually more or a bakance of the two ingredient dino stats but skipping the fluff for Anky, it has WAY more stats than Rajakylo. This problem with hybrids having mediocre stats than its ingredients but that’s for another discussion.

To summarize, with its slow speed a dino can take advantage on the first turn even if it has Short Defense and with its mediocre stats it can’t take a hit from most dinos nor can it dish out any damage evenwith armour and counter-attack. A lot of dinos in the roster has the ability to nullify, pierce armour and shatter defense. Ludia, please buff Rajakylo to make it usable again making it deserving of an actual dinos at the Legendary tier. Thank you!