Rajakylosaurus or Ankyntrosaurus?


Which one is more worth it? I can make Rajakylosaurus fuses now, but my Kentrosaurus is still level 14 and I rarely see those in the wild. Which one is a better use of my Anky DNA? And which would be better to add to my current team?


If you can make raja now do that. No point in holding the anky dna for something that could take weeks/months


Rajanky for me. In my team and is my lowest level. I have ankykentro but don’t use him.


Thanks! That’s usually how I look at it too. Plus I like how the Rajakylosaurus looks, his head is star shaped. :joy:


As @Heather said no need to hold back both of them are great hybrid one is annoying another one is a troll lol


I’d make Raja if you can now… but of the 2, I prefer the anky hybrid… taken down a few indo’s with it


Anky IMHO, although either of them definitely will boost your rank. I toyed rajas as many time as I can come across with my plebian allosaurus, just saying.


As others have said (maybe not here in this specific post), Raja > Anky at the legendary level, but Anky’s super hybrid Tryko > Raja’s hybrid Dioraja. In the end, you’ll want it all, so send the DNA wherever you can.


raja one of the best. anky makes games take 6+ minutes


Ugh I didn’t even think about the Tryko.


From your photo, you can’t fuse him (enough to create)yet. Youve only got enough for 5 fuses your likely going to need 10. (I’ve had 12 and im still on 150DNA eh).
I believe you have even less Raj DNA (or he would be higher up the ranking on the picture). I’d wait till you get to at LEAST 400 DNA each. Kentrosaurus may be Dino of the day and you could make him. Just an idea.
Edit: the first bracket was added for clarification


Lmao, the dreaded Anky battle. :crazy_face: sounds like me swapping and stunning, and laughing. :laughing:

Oh, and Anky is nowhere in my area.


Rajankylo is best, as it leads to Dioraja, which is basically this game’s version of Godzilla.