Rajakylosaurus or diorajasaurus?


Hi all,
I need some advice: should i keep on leveling up my rajakylosaurus or save the DNA to create a diorajasaurus later? Anyone here who has a diora and rajakyl and can share experience on which is a better dino? It seems that they are both apex.


I think atm rajakylosaurus is better than his unique, but i will go for unique cause ludia dont let much time the legendary version being better than his unique whitout nerfing him hard


Thanks for you reply, tronkun609


Disclosure: I have neither :joy: but…

Diora seems a lot more appealing now that it has a swap in Ability as well. Rajanky is purely a tank it seems. The (slightly) boosted speed with the addition of distracting impact I think makes the unique a little more competitive.

(The usability of any unique will depend on how easy it is for you to make or level up. For the time it takes to build a unique, you’ll easily have enough time and DNA to level up an epic or legendary at least a few levels higher than the new unique)


Thanks for your input, Hersh.


Dioraja seems much better in my view. Plus eventually the amount of DNA required for Unique’s fusion appears to be much lesser than Legendary.