Rajakylosaurus strike event problem

I had to retry the rajakylosaurus strike event 2 times when I should have won on my 1st retry. Rajakylosaurus’ long protection was still showed up even though I used defense shattering rampage so I put in monomimus and used nullifying impact and then rajakylosaurus crit twice in a row even though it has a 5% crit rate. If even one of these things did not happen I would have won. If the long protection was’t still showing I would have used diloranosaurus and taken him down on his first turn or I would have used devastating impact so that even if rajakylosaurus still crit me twice the 2 crits would not have knocked me out and would have knocked rajakylosaurus out next turn. Please refund my acoount the 500 cash used to retry the event a second time.

Hey Tails33310, I’m sorry to hear that happened. Could you email our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so our team can investigate further and assist you?

Why did you not just use a bleed dino?


I think there were a bunch of threads going on for a week on how easy this strike was going to be (which it was).

Any chance you came across any of those topics?


A level 18+ suchotator easily chopped it down with no problem.

I can’t believe that this L30 Rajakylosaurus can be beaten by L11 commons: