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Is rajakylo good? Im trying to get it but what should i swap? This is my team.Screenshot_2021-05-02-12-18-26-067_com.ludia.jw2

It is good, we even use it in some unique raids :slight_smile: just mess with your team a little and you’ll find out which creatures place it could take

If for nothing else, you should get it because it’s Unique hybrid, Diorajasaur, is pretty fantastic.

But I’d say maybe lose the Nodopatotitan in favor of Rajankylosaurus since Raja’s counter-attack and shields are better.

I used it for a long time while trying to unlock diorajasaur and I found it to be very useful

I think i will swap out my rhino, its too low level And i cant get dna for upgrade. I really Like nodopatotitan, it helps me a lot with its shield-impact spam.