Rajanklyosaurus vs. diorajasaurus

So I’ve been reading around and seeing dioraja is overall a pretty weak unique. With that being said, is it worth creating him in for the meta or should I stick with rajanklyo? I just got my raja to 20. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Rajank took a pretty significant hit with the Meta shifting towards bleed. All it’s best attributes just lose to Spinotasuchus and suchatator. Dio is a very finesse Dino. With its swap in ability it synergizes with hit and run Dinos. I run one and I have 3 hit and run Dinos on my team but I have also just won matches with a proper swap in with Dio. I would say take a look At your play style and see how Dio could fit in your team. If it coud fit in I would say create it but if not I would say don’t. But I also advocate creating all dinosaurs and then building the team if your choice.

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With all the fast chompers running rampant, Rajakylosaurus is no longer so desirable. Meanwhile Diorajasaurus has found a place in the new roster with all the hit n runners + the fact herself is a tank chomper with the shield shattering.

Diorajasaurus is pretty solid and worth creating, if you ask me.

This is currently the squad I am running. My dracorex is at 19 so I’m about to begin creating Utarinex which looks like it would fit with your summaries. How does my squad impact your advice now! Thanks :slight_smile:

Dioraja is weak only when you compare it to other meta-relavant uniques and consider its ingredients rarity (2 epic + 1 rare, second highest in the game). Itself is still an apex dino. Rajakylo is not good anymore as they nerfed its hp a lot and it suffers from bleed and chompers.

Although Dioraja also fails agianst bleeders and chompers, but at least it can take down a lot of the opponents’ health due to distracting. I’ve used it against a tryko and before dioraja went down it took about 2/3 of the tryko’s health. If it was rajakylo, it will be dead without doing much.

If you find yourself difficult to get Tryko or not willing to share Rex DNA with indo, go ahead and make it.