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Alright I gotta ask why do you have Ardonto fighting a level 2 (that’s lythronax BTW) in Arena 2?? :thinking:
Why not use L15 seco and L15 argentino, too, to prove you legit got ardonto, as long as you didn’t do the unlimited attempt glitch, which got fixed?


Yeah I got it for no reason

Wait so you did the unlimited attempts before they got fixed?
or do you just not battle much?
I’m just trying to help newer players (that’s probably an AI with the L2 lythronax but still.) not have to fight such high power dinos already

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Yes I did.

So when did unlimited fuse got patched?

the bug still works, it won’t let you launch the dino after max attempts now.
(that’s ya know, cheating, btw)
got patched in 1.13

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Oh ok @anon82894558