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Rajastega and PVP mod battles

Hey guys I want to know your experience about this and if you also felt the same I did, I’ve been getting a lot of dinos in PVP mod battles, 5 fights today and I’ve got an aerotitan and this two guys.

I’ve done over 150 matches and still haven’t won a single Rajastega, and the odd its supossed to be 1% or even a single spinoraptor with 2% odd and a LOT of aerotitans, the ones I won in the picture below are like my 7th copy of them in the wheel prizes. In your experience is Rajastega really possible? Also since update I’ve noticed less sDNA, before update 40% of my matches gave me sDNA and now only 10-20%, it really makes it harder to hatch more super hybrids.

What is your tought on this or your experience with getting Rajastega and sDNA after the update? (Obviously I only play for top tier prizes with high winning odd teams) thanks!!


Honestly, I don’t play much PVP modded. I save up my common mods until I have enough for at least 4 or 5 matches. Then I’ll play. So I play maybe twice a week for 4-5 matches each time. I went a long time playing a lot less when I could do coin to jurassic trades for rare hybrids. Now that it’s not a guarantee, I’m playing PVP modded again. I’ve only been playing competitively since March or April.

Anyway, sorry for all the pre-info. I’ve scored 3 Rajastegas and I think 2 Spinoraptors.


I’ve gotten 4 rajastegas from these battles. It is possible. I got 3 of them within a couple days of each other and the 4th at some other point.


You can guess how many copies of Shunosaurus I got in the last months, more than 45.
But I also won 3 Rajastegas in PvPs. I make 7 to 9 of them per day.


It’s hit or miss but when it rains it seems to pour.

On my account I went a while before I won my 1st Spinoraptor but then won like 4 or 5 in the matter of 2 weeks and that was only doing 3 Modded PvP per day. It also took me a while before I won my 1st Rajastega. I won lots of Aerotitans and even more Kaprosuchus.

On my daughters account we won a Rajastega within 2 days of starting to routinely do 3 modded PvP per day. She has won at least 2, maybe 3. She routinely won Spinoraptors when we were doing the modded PvP and then other similar prizes to mine.

We haven’t been doing the modded PvP as much lately so no good prizes as of late. I go through dry and wet spells as far as putting much effort into the game. Currently in a dry spell so I’m not really doing much of anything other than a few PvE, and hatching and fusing, trades, things like that.

Keep at it, your luck will change

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Thanks! Guess I’m just being unlucky then haha at least I’m getting a lot of DNA in those Dinos and also I’m getting a good amount of diplotators

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Thanks! So it’s a matter of keep grinding, even if I don’t at least I’ll get good amount of DNA in Dinos and sDNA

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Omg 45? So guess I’ll just grind more until I got a few of them and use all of that extra DNA

Thanks! Great info and I think I’m in same situation in the start, but at least I’m getting really good amount of DNA here by doing 10 fights a day and some sDNA… I’ll keep grinding.

Definitely is 10 times better than regular fights, I was really tired of coins and food, and by putting 1 low herbivore at the start then a good dino and at the end 1 low ptero I’m winning almost 100% of my matches and using only one good dino per match, totally love it

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I had a level 20 the rest are from grinding MOD Aquatic PVP:

They are out there.


Same for me. They are hiding in the bushes, you only have to find them.


What is that below your sell button?

I see it means library or collection in English but what does it do?


If you enter your animal collection via this building (sorry but I do not know its English name, a simple translation from German would be “Animal collection” which certainly is not correct)

Screenshot_20200925-074432_Jurassic World

you can enter your paddock by clicking the “go to” button. The button in the paddock allows you to jump back and forth between your collection and the paddock.

But I’m very sure you already know, I suppose it is very late by now in California.:sleeping_bed:


Interesting, I never noticed it before, but I think that’s because I almost never go to a paddock from the “Creature Glossary” but sure enough we also have the button:
It is 11 pm and I am off to bed, happy hunting.


One day I will start a dedicated German - English dictionary only for Jurassic World expressions.
Sweet dreams.


The First Modded PVP I ever played after I returned to the game gave me a Rajastega, at this time it was by far my best creature.
I had to wait 6 months for the second one, only to gave me the third a few days later…
Just be Patient :slight_smile:


Same for me, I got one very early when they came out and a second one some time back. Only those 2 if I remember correctly. I don’t grind the PvPs as much as some but do at least 3-5 a day. Have had better luck with Spinoraptors, half a dozen or so of those.


I grind Modded PVPs pretty regularly - maybe 4-6 per day. I didn’t really keep track, but I think I have won 4 Rajastegas over the course of about 3 months. Quick back of the envelope math suggests the 1% win rate is about right. Keep grinding and eventually the numbers will work themselves out for you.

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Entering paddocks this way is good, say if you have max coins and you want to feed or fuse a dino without collecting their coin you can enter through the creature glossary to bypass this, you probably make enough coin anyway but has helped me out before


Thanks for all of your answers, now it’s clear to me that is matter of keep fighting 3-5 daily battles until my luck changes. I’ll hope in a few weeks i can tell you that is finally done! Thanks to everyone who shared their experience.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart