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I have already made this creatures model and everything
Link of the model: Rajastronix, jurrasic world alive by Dedjoshua - Thingiverse

Rajastronix-fierce/resilient unique





critical chance:20



definite counter-strike or shattering counter-strike

100% stun immunity

75%swap prevention



100%vulnerable immunity

100% speed decrease


resilient vulnerability: cleanse reduce damage
target: fastest: remove dodge, cloak and speed reduce speed 50%, precise attack 1,044, vulnerable for 1 attack, lasting 2 turns

group taunting dig in: priority
team:cleanse. Increase speed10% for 2 turns. 50% sheilds for 8 attacks, lasting this turn, heal group 1,044,
cooldown: 3 turns

ready to crush: Charged skill, Deal NO damage, Increase damage by 50% for next 3 turns,
Increase Critical Chance by +30% for next 3 turns, This ability has Cooldown: 2

fierce impact

I have not made summary for this bad boy so I’m gonna need summary suggestions


Not bad

10 characters

I love the idea :heart_eyes:, but maybe add a bit more speed and distraction resistance to make it more like tryo :thinking:

Say 122 speed and 50% resistance to distraction

Main reason it’s slow it’s because it has to carry heavy ass armor on its body, and most aquatic creatures don’t have strong as legs that can’t carry heavy material, and I firgued that it is powerful enough to hold on its own, it’s mostly raid creature due to its ability’s (Srry for my poor English)

Does it look like this? Rajastronix

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It looks good in my opinion. :+1:t4: