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Rallies are boring

I initially liked Rallies. But after playing a number of them, and gaining levels, rallies start to be increasingly cumbersome and tiring. They get very slow, each monster and portal taking their turn (even if it’s pass), and opponents get very hard to kill. Especially as most rallies have very durable opponents, some even healing full rooms of monsters including portals…

Portal rooms are fine, but just very infrequently. I hear that Shevarith Silverhand weapon is a key to these rallies (which I haven’t been able to get it yet – btw how about offering them in explore quests?); requirement of possessing one item out of hundreds to be able to play these well is pretty terrible.

I have gathered enough keys to go on multiple events so I’ll be skipping any rallies until I really need some more keys. I hope we get revised rallies some day!

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Yeah they are too tedious to play. The bosses fights are a little bit better, but you have to play in such an unfun to make progress it can be hard to slog through them at times.

If you have lots of tokens, the best way I have found to speed them up is to end the runs quickly. Ten runs of 5 rooms takes less time to complete than five runs of 10 rooms. I tried going for runs of 3 or 4 rooms, but ultimately decided I prefer to get a reward every run.


Agreed. 5-10 rooms a run is fine in a Rally. I have thousands of shields. With the monsters scaling up each room as you go, each room gets harder and longer to slog through. Shev’s Dagger is a great help but isn’t going to win Rally‘s all on its own. Most of its your team choice, gear choice and player talent. I have her Dagger at Max lvl 16. 75% to poison and still get my clock cleaned in some of these Rally’s with the healing monsters & portals. It’s all in how you play.