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Rally Doppleganger problem

One on one with cleric v doppelgänger in rally. That’s how my rally run ended. Room 20.
The doppelgänger never missed a death ward with its bone and after 10 minutes fighting him to a standstill I had to quit.
That’s stupid. And not fun.
Please change something so that can’t happen.

What on earth, why was the fix hidden? Sounds helpful.

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  1. thanks ninja
  2. why was that hidden?
  3. @ludia - fix that please. It’s stupid.

While I am not a moderator, my bet on why it was hidden was because it is more of an exploit than a fix.

I’m not sure how if your game ‘crashed’ and your app closes and it returns you to your last saved position that can remotely considered in the gaming world an exploit. That’s a feature of the game so people don’t get angry about losing progress. The whole point of a saved game since the invention of gaming is so you can have a do-over. For Warriors of Waterdeep that safe position is a very small one and were it completely unacceptable the programmers wouldn’t have it coded into the game.

An actual exploit on a game is more like an illegal mod like using an aimbot within a first person shooter or hacking a game’s vulnerability to get free gems or something.

Telling someone how to get past a part of the game that is IMPOSSIBLE to get past due to an issue with in game mechanics (a quirk in this case - as the fire would have settled the match in a similar PvP scenario) is being HELPFUL in this situation and not in the least bit exploitative.

Compare this with the 2 members of Ludia who have looked in on this issue and been thoroughly UNHELPFUL. One squelched the solution and another waded in to back them up. Neither came up with a helpful suggestion or even offered to pass on the issue to the dev team.

And you wonder why people are becoming increasingly alienated by and frustrated with this game?

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Force closing an app to take advantage of a backup for crashes is an exploit. Using an illegal mod is cheating.

The suggestion has been passed on to the game team, and we are not going to be discussing this sanction on the public forums any further. If you need clarification on forum rules, feel free to reach out to the moderation team in private.

Lol… when has anything ever come of that?

I find it amusing that you speak of exploits and cheating as “illegal”. Would you consider Ludia’s false advertising “illegal” as well?

Have you lost the point here? Is there’s solution pending?
I’m not feeling heard when I raised an obvious bug/design flaw.
I don’t know about exceptions/cheats etc

This is a shared experience amongst Ludia customers. Trying to communicate anything to Ludia is just a waste of time. In fact I’m done on these forums…peace out :v:

@lemonfarmer good luck to you and the rest of the players still hoping to be “heard”.

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Yes, an exploit is a form of cheating, but in this case they were force closing the app because the game wasn’t functioning as required and preventing them to move further in the game. So every time we run into a bug in the game that stops it working properly, which is countless times, and we have to force close it to reload the game and make it work properly again, we are all EXPLOITING the game?

This is utterly absurd, perhaps we should just force close the game and then press uninstall game instead and that will solve the problem for good.

As you have now passed the issue onto the game team, I expect there will be an update posted here as to what the proposed “non exploitative fix” is going to be?

I’m sorry that you are not getting a straightforward answer on this @lemonfarmer


You can look to any thread in this forum to see that ludia have no interest in addressing the concerns or complaints from their customers. The Joppaaaaa thread is a good one.