Rampage and Pounce need a longer cooldown


So basically having a double damage ability with such a low cooldown is a problem. And in the case of pounce on raptors the additional damage reduction on target makes raptors to powerful since they’re supposed to be glass cannons and shouldn’t have any abilities that do massive damage and give more tank. So a good solution that is different than changing damage numbers or stat changes that would anger people would just NOT MAKE DOUBLE DAMAGE ATTACKS ON DINOSAURS WITH ALREADY HIGH DAMAGE HAVE THE ONE OF THE LOWEST COOLDOWNS IN THE GAME.


Fight velociraptor with a dino that is immune to negative effects, or highly armored, shielded, or counter attacks. Or high crit chance. I know he’s tough, but not that tough once you have a great team with dinos that have unique abilities and once you know which one to use when.


Well spoken Mitt. I Like my triceratops and stego hybrid for it


Another raptor whining thread. Do you guys even look at threads anymore before posting? :roll_eyes:


The problem is that pounce and rampage are completely out of line with all other attacks. For example impact is a standard attack with that does 1.5x damage but has a 2 turn cooldown while a 2x has 1 turn cooldown. Now I understand that these dinosaurs are supposed to be more damaging and that they should be able to have more damaging attacks more often so I think a good fix would just to have the pounce and rampage attacks have a 2 turn cooldown so they’re still more powerful in attack than other dinosaurs they’d filling their role. But they are not completely over the top being able to insane damage that are only counterable by a select few and allow strategy for both the raptor user and the person going against them.


Because currently raptors are a 1 trick pony that take no strategy to dominate unless the enemy has a very specific team setup. And since your teams are somewhat randomized sometimes even if you have the team to beat them the game might screw you over and not give you things you need making you stuck at a disadvantage with no way to use your brain to get out


And I agree with you I always run a stego and eupho but sometimes the game doesn’t give me these and there’s nothing I can do since how very specific the counters are. To put it simply the raptors are not beat with brain their beaten with luck and or your semi random team setup


And if a raptor lands any cries your are pretty much screwed because a critical pounce is completely obscene amounts of damage and they only way you could possible beat that is if you have a damage mitigation and a super good counter attack/ invincibility. But since crops are random there’s no way you can predict it so the critical pounce is pretty much always a guaranteed kill.


But I have a solution that wouldn’t make raptors useless it would instead add more depth and strategy to the game. And isn’t that good, because having abilities that significantly Blantently more powerful attacks with no downside and a very small amount of counters which availability is semi random is a problem.


Raptors are the best in the films so I don’t have an issue with them being very strong in the game.

Plenty of counters available.

Without the damage reduction it’ll die in one hit to a lot of the big biters in the game.

Keep it as it is.


Raptor nerf should be the following:

  • Decrease damage by 50%
  • Increase cooldown time of jumping attack to 5.
  • Decrease Lifepoints to 200-300.


lol yes turkey sized speed demons should be weak and puny!

Joke aside, I understand the frustration when a lvl 18 raptor kills your entire team on its own. But if you have a lvl 18 ank, or even steggo or other defensive dinos you won’t have a problem wiping the floor with it.

The crucial annoyance you might have is raptor owners will always swap out when they see a counter. And once the counter Dino is dead raptor comes back in, with a fresh pounce to boot. I think what Ludia can do is to not allow any coolsdowns to take effect when in reserve. Makes the game have a lot more strategic planning. Moves like taking away opponent’s moveset with a bait will be epic when it plays out.


T Rex should have 50% damage immunity to raptors, like a singlr raptor can kill a T Rex.


Yea they pretty strong attacks but put in a big armoured beast against them. Of course there’s other options too.

Best of luck




That would make it the worst dino in the game. Would rather use a diplocaulus är that point.


Make them more powerful


I’ve been going up against raptors that pounce multiple times in a row. I’m getting sick of it.


This is a post I started. Most people that support raptors never lost the counters ironically but 1 person supported it with good reasoning, though it still relied on buffs to other Dino’s and such.
Personally i don’t support it still. It’s unfair that an Ankylo can’t use a shield until it’s in battle for two rounds, but a raptor can always instant pounce. If it switched out because you put in a counter it shouldn’t get pounce immediately back. I will never think otherwise.
It’s also incredibly hard to level up the dinosaurs that counter it as they are either hybrids, or the Dino itself never spawns around (cough cough apatosaurus more please). Essentially only one thing out of any of the suggestions that people bring up would make it better


Hieronious You joking that’s way to overboard


I understand the frustration with Velociraptors and high damage dinos. I find it more of a pain when they’re several levels stronger than your team, and they’ve purposefully lost to dominate the low rank arenas (or they went nuts hunting and got their dinos stronger that way, but even so, leveling a dino isn’t easy as they get stronger). However, as a Velociraptor user myself, I’ve discovered there are not only decent counters (anything with good armor and/or a speed decreasing move works; Stegosaurus suggested), but also strategies to use the famous glass canon. My raptor can still easily go down to tougher dinos, but she has come through in tough spots, and I have the recordings to prove this. These battles take some strategizing, so you need to know how your team functions in order to succeed. Yeah, sometimes you get bad draws, but if you use them right, even if you lose, you’re still learning how they work with each other. I’m still learning which dinos to use, but I have a pretty stable team for Mt. Sibo until I start getting beaten again:

Dimetrodon can be a good starting dino as it is frail, but has really good attack as well as being immune to negative effects.

Aegetinosaurus, like Apatasaurus, is your best friend with its high health, speed lowering attack, and Rampage. It has actually one-shot a couple dinos, so if you see this guy, go for him.

Einiosaurus is a good defensive dino with stunning attacks. Stegosaurus is also like this, but comes with the speed-reducing Thagomizer, making it good for countering raptors.

Suchomimus takes a bit more strategy to use, but its Wounding Strike comes in handy and has helped gain victories in the past. Gorgosaurus is like this as well, but comes packing Ferocious Strike, as well as armor and shield piercing attacks.

Velociraptor is still a glass canon and should be treated with respect. Bring it in only when needed. Starting with it I’m kind of against 'cause while it is a “smart” move, it really isn’t. Also, raptor starters are just trying to sweep.

Finally, if you see any kind of Ankylasaur like Euo, go for it. It may not have the greatest strength, but this thing is a great defensive tank. She’s actually come through very well.

Learn how your team works, build it around what appears in your area (a trick that’s working for me), and make them strong.