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Rampage and run bug

I don’t see this too often but I have seen a few creatures do it. Creatures that have a swap in move, the rampage and run move and are faster than the creature they are versing. They swap in land the swap in move, Attack next turn as normal. Then (here is the buggy part) use rampage and run. Because they are swap in locked they don’t swap out and because they are faster they get to go again the next round. It’s only happened like twice that I ever remember but it feels like a loophole move. Anyone else ever see this? Should it be fixed?

  • Not a problem
  • Rampage and run not usable during swap in lockdown
  • Rampage and run cleanse swap in lockdown (it has a delay of 1 anyway)

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They are on Lockdown and should not be able to swap and run while in lockdown unless otherwise the move has a cleanser

If i’m understanding what you’re saying right, i don’t think it is a problem.
At that point its a normal 2x move.

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What dinosaur has a swap in move and a rampage and run move?

Ya, basically no different than any other rampage. But is rampage and run powerful because the creature gets to run away? Or is it weaker because the next creature in is random? It’s an odd question to be sure

Phorusaura and smilocehp.

They also both have other rampage moves. So, they get 2 rampages in a row and get to stay for a 3rd attack.

This is what I was talking about on the Phorusaura thread lol. I swap in Phorusaura specifically so it gets to use both rampages without swapping.

SI-stun has only a 66% chance of working though, so it’s a risky combo to attempt. Especially with all the Immunes running around.

I know my team is 5/8 immune to stun. So, this combo from my perspective seems to be done more to gain the lockdown rather than to stun. I have not battled with my Phorusaura yet. What would you say the success rate of this combo is? Given the immune factor and chance of stun Phorusaura will take 2 hits most of the time and it is not really a High HP creature.

I do swap Phorusaura in against Immunes too, if it can take a hit. My team’s all unboosted, so the speed advantage of Instant Rampage is sometimes the only worthwhile way to finish off boosted Erlidoms and Indos, and even Proceras.
If I’m trying to save my current dino, I just swap Phora in on a strike and then revenge-kill the speedster, and then proceed to R&R against the next opponent, or use Superiority Strike to setup the next creature.

It is somewhat situational, and I can’t really give a success rate, but it’s usually a last resort when I can’t afford to lose any of my other dinos.

That would explain why I don’t see it used that often