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Rampage & run and invincibility

I know they fixed the mistake where the Instant Inv. shield stays for a second turn when used against a rampage and run dino, but now it disappears before a RR dino swaps into a swap in dino (yes, DC). Isn’t the swap in attack part of the same turn, therefore shouldn’t the effect stay until the turn is completely over?


I don’t see it like that. I think it’s correct this way. Though it is debatable

Before the bug was a thing… the current way it plays out was the norm… hence why i always rr into draco versus a dino with instant invin… to force some damage during the turn.

However the tool tip says 1 turn… the issue for me is sometimes 1 turn really means 1 attack. And they should either change the tool tip or the function


They removed the old bug and now it’s a new one.

It’s not correct. Instant Invincibility stays for one turn. Damage and Run + SIA is one turn.


The game seems to count a rampage and run move (or reg. and run) as a single move, and the swap a second one. Even though in theory, you can only do one or the other in a turn, so it should technically count as one turn still.

I’ve noticed this bug myself, it also happens with other moves like dodge. If somebody r&rs when a dino is on their last dodge turn, the dodge disappears. Really frustrating.


There’s another bug, when the game counts a counter as a turn.
Eg: Dioc comes in kills opponent Dino with FS(lasts 3 turns). Opponent brings in Erlidom, uses Rampage, I use Instant Invincibility (2nd turn), no damage, I counters. Opponent uses MSS, I go for SS(3rd turn), but only the counter does the Buffed damage not SS.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or not. I have just started using Dio.


Basically, any action is a turn. Shields, evasion, cloak and debuffs last based on opponent turns/actions while buffs last based on user turns/actions. SIAs, being actions, are also separate turns.
This explains the OP’s example, and why moves like SI- Invincibility, Stun, Distraction, Defence, etc all count opponent SIAs as turns, but don’t count regular swap-ins as turns. Edit: they do count regular swap-ins as turns, it’s just that the effect of an opponent SIA lasts until the regular swapper-in performs an actual move besides swapping in. Essentially, creatures with an SIA, on manually swapping in, actually perform 2 actions, while regular swappers only perform 1.

Major edit, sorry for that. I realised that action=turn and everything checks out that way: a turn isn’t a complete interaction between two dinos, but rather an action by one of them (which is what players tend to get confused about). Note that Counter-attacks, being passive, aren’t actions.

I didn’t get you. Can you explain?

I think that depends on the speed of the opponent, doesn’t it? If the opponent is slower than the stunner, it will be stunned only for that turn too… Like a normal stunning attack does

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Yes. My point was that SIAs are counted as turns, as shown when a swapped-in creature is stunned for its SIA only, when intercepted with SI-stun.

You might want to recheck my explanation above for a comprehensive answer, I’ve edited it quite a bit.

Correct… people are viewing turns as one actual turn however as far as tool tips go 1 turn has always = 1 attack.

Their terminology is the issue here…

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That’s wrong.
I mean, if my DoT affected Dino kills the third Dino of my opponent, why wait to declare me the winner? Now it wait till certain amount of my HP is drained. If I am killed by that drain, the match is a draw.

If you manually Swap in, that’s considered a turn. The same should apply to Auto Swap in.
SIA is not a turn, Swap in, is a turn. SIA is just a part of that turn just like counter attack is part of a turn.

1 turn is probably intended as 1 attack performed by the opponent. Same application of the scenario spyx vs tryko and the debilitating distraction thing

That is simply because dot damage isnt calculated until the end of the turn… the system doesnt even do the math until the turn is over… when you have multiple bleeds on two different dinos it takes significantly longer to progress past the bleed phase. The system has no idea lethal damage will be delivered until after.

A turn being one attack on one dino which is why their has always been an argument that counter attackers essentially lose 1.5 attacks when stunned by a slower dino and isnt really fair considering the other single turn interactions.

Like I said, debuffs work based on the opponent turns. Damage over time is subtracted at the end of every opponent turn, and so is any damage that opponent does to your dino. So if that opponent kills your dino with its last attack, the damage over time happens simultaneously, as much a part of the turn as the damage it deals to you.

The whole point of auto swap-in is that it’s not a separate turn. Manual swap-in, being an action is a turn.
SIA is a turn, being an action, like I said above. If you intercept a swap-in ability with a faster creature that has SI-stun, that creature will get stunned only for its SIA turn, not an actual playable turn. This is what I tried to explain above.

I did state that swap-ins are not counted as turns for creatures without an SIA, that was a mistake.

As for my claim that any action, including an SIA, is counted as a turn, it seems to fit every single situation I’ve come across. All confusions regarding how long abilities and debuffs should last seem to stem from the misconception that a turn is a complete interaction between two dinos.

You’re telling what I am telling. That stun is part of the Swap in. They lost the turn to Stun the opponent.

Exactly, it’s a turn based game not action based. That’s why I am telling what OP mentioned is bug.

But the game has never functioned differently then this except when there was a bug that was fixed… for months before that bug this was the working as intended interaction.

The real bug of your post is simply just the existence of such a creature like the rat.

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