Rampaging Bambi or the Terminator Parrott?

With the rare event, wondering if I should level up my 26 Utarinex or create a shiny new Testacornibus? Parrott is good but so expensive to level up at 500 Draco a pop.

Bambi looks so enticing and I love the design. Also must be really fun to use. Anybody recommend it?

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from what i hear, testa is an underestimated powerhouse. if you already have a decent spread of thor counters, it might be worth it to try her out.

Testa is really good and fun to use, but at level 21 it’s obviously not even close to a 26 Rinex in the arena, so it’s probably best to only bother if you intend to level it up further or you want to mess around with it for a while.

Haha, I see who gets your vote

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