RampagingBirds flying to top! Alliance looking for active members!

Hello. We are the RampagingBirds and we are currently looking for more members to make our community of active and competitive Dinosaur enthusiasts one to reach the top. If you want to be part of a group that will grow big to do that, gladly donate DNA or compete, feel more than welcome to join!

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Please contact me regarding an alliance chat room for our members thanks, i have all the details and need you to look at them before our alliance chat room is launched for your approval.
As you know we have difficulty even at the best of times trying to get the message across and also the limitations of the alliance chat room where we can only post a certain amount of messages before the forum limit takes over and we can not post any more messages until the timer / amount of time has passed before we can post another message.
The same also goes for the messages about our members and the dino dna they need via the requests available in the alliance chat section of our games.
Anyhow if you could get back to me as soon as your available we can sort this out for the benefit of all our alliance members.
kind regards

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Hello fellow players of our favorite game…
we are looking for new players to join our alliance, players who are willing to go the hard yards to get the treasure at the end of the weekly alliance exploration and defence rainbow.!.
We need players that have dinosaurs above level 18 or higher with a trophy count in the 4000 - 5000 trophy count range.!. if this is you then you would be most welcome to come and join our alliance we help out all players donating dino DNA, or helping out in any way we can with battle tactics information regarding team formation or newly released dinosaurs, we have a very active facebook page that is constantly updated daily with any information as it becomes available.
So look us up and if you like what you see then come and join us …
we are the RampagingBirds alliance and we would welcome you anytime.!.
kind regards JoeVolcano27 ( senior alliance admin ) :smile: :smirk_cat: :smile:

Hello & greetings fellow dinosaur hunters…
We ( RampagingBirds ) JWA alliance are looking for new members who are very active in all aspects of the game, battles ( arena, tournaments, friendlies, etc ), along with completing daily / weekly alliance tasks.
We are looking for new members that have dinosaur teams that are around the LV16 or higher levels, with a decent trophy count somewhere around the 4,500 to 5,000 plus mark to enhance an already hyper active alliance.
Platinum incubators each week in the weekly alliance challenges is our aim and we have a good record lately of achieving just that !
so if you are interested in joining an alliance that gives 300% each week then look us up and give us the chance to welcome you amongst our ranks. we always help out our members be it with dinosaur DNA, certain goals members are trying to achieve ( leveling up certain dinosaurs ), or even game tips/ hints/ information on how to make their game play a lot better experience all round.
We welcome you to our alliance the RampagingBirds JWA Alliance !
kind regards JoeVolcano27 ( Co - Leader ) :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: