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Ran across a bug, would make a cool feature

So, I’ve run across this bug a few times. One of the secret rooms in Lightfinger Estate just wont let you use healing abilities. Today I ran into it again and it turned what would have been a monotonous and easy fight into something quite challenging…and you know what, I had fun! Would be nice if rooms had more environmental hazards beyond the occasional spike trap.

Hey @Koyote any Rakshasa’s there with their defuff’s?

@Jon no. Here are the details I remember:
Out of the hundreds of times I ran Lightfinger Estate, I came across the bug 2-3 times.
100% sure last time was in a secret room at room 2. Fairly sure every time it happened was in a secret room, but not 100% on that one.
The only hostile I remember was a barbed demon, but don’t remember the rest of them.
The only ability I can say with 100% certainty that doesn’t work in there is Mass Cure Wounds from the Pirates Scarf. You select the ability and regardless of where you tap, it doesn’t register. I force quit the game several times and it did not clear the issue. The issue is definitely with that room as if it doesn’t recognize any tile as a valid target. Good luck finding that needle in the code, ha.

That bug was present in all rooms in lightfinger and fixed not long after release. I haven’t seen it since # probably just secret rooms as you say, possibly also locked rooms