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Random Battle Moments

Screenshots I took of Tsintamoth vs Woolly Mammoth:

(The confrontation)

(The Battle)


(Revenge) (he sleepy)




(idk, you can caption these however you want to. :upside_down_face:)


Came across my 1st dropper in Aviary

I was honestly not expecting to battle against a team like ^this^ :sweat_smile:

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how did he reach aviary like that

Those are bots lol

It’s a dropper… someone who purposefully drops arenas using low lvl creatures

I got this dope Screenshot!

And these random ones that I took to mess with Google Lens. :upside_down_face:

(^^this was taken while Phorurex was doing it’s On Escape ability^^)


How did you seriously face a level 19 indom in aviary

And his name’s stygidaryx!!!

*And his name’s john cena begins to play *


My Blue once got stunned in a friendly battle! Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of it.