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Random crashing during battles


Can you please fix the bug where you select battle and it freezes and when it eventually starts up I have lost a Dino and majority of the time then the battle I’ve even had occasions where my moves don’t appear and my Dino just does his basic move this is getting very frustrating I’ve had an awesome run of wins in lockdown then the next minute this glitch happens and I lose a load in a row and I’m back to arena 5 badlands fix please nothing to do with my network or internet other people with exactly the same phones and location don’t have this problem exactly the same time as me but do experience it as well


Hey Michael_Rogers, I’m sorry to hear your game is freezing up, I can understand that it would be very frustrating to have that happen, especially in the battle Arena. Try clearing the cache on your device or closing any background applications you’re not using. However, only clear your cache if you have your game connected to a Facebook, Google Play store, or Game Center account.

There are also mentions from players not being able to see their dino’s abilities, and I think information from this thread could help you: Bugassic Park?

It’s also worth a try to see if the steps for connection issues on this thread helps: Stuck on loaded screen of game?


Thank you for replying I will check it out much appreciated :+1:t2: