Random curious question about supply drops


So just something I thought of while sitting waiting to click in for work, do the supply drops have a spheracle radius? Like for example if I’m standing in a very tall skyscraper next to a supply drop, will i still he able to hit that supply drop from even the tippy top of the skyscraper?

Loot drop locations different on android and iPhone?

In the game height doesn’t matter as long as the supply drop is in your little circle.


Good question, I think GaminAnar gave the right answer, if you happen to go on a skyscraper let us know :slight_smile:


Cool! I might be in one this coming weekend. So if that happens I’ll be sure to update


I’m currently on vacation in Spain, our appartement is on the 9th floor and I’m able to hit all 3 supply drops around our building from my room :slight_smile: I love this city, it has 7 event SD in walking distance. I live in a small town and have to drive 20min to my only event SD so playing JWA in this city is being a blast!


Oh yay! That’s good to know. Thank you


Hit my first Wal-Mart drop last night after tagging Delta twice (she’s 1 DNA short), and got +200 coin, and some much-needed cash and darts.

I don’t typically go near Wal-Mart anyway, but I was scouting a new area and my brain just said, “What the hell!” LOL


Happy that where you are now you can dart “to your heart content “ lol but really, a bit unfair that little towns can’t have their fair share of Dinos, same thing in the countryside, few Dinos no events


Yes, I’m already bummed out that I’m leaving next week, just when the event week is going to feature some great dino’s!
They should definitely do something about the very small amount of dinos and event SD’s in small towns, it’s really not fair compared to players who live in a big city


Yep, I take the dog for a walk on a near field, for about 2 miles and more there is almost not Dinos, I think special events particularly should definitely be dropped more on fields and countryside


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I was on a plane using WiFi when I played this and I was able to get supply drops. However, I have to keep reloading the game so that the supply drops and dinosaur to spawn. If you don’t,after a few minutes, the map won’t load supply drops. Maybe because I’m moving too fast, not sure.