Random dinos


What random Dino have you got to a high level that you actually use…
I did have my erkilosaurus gen 2 at level 19 but it’s no use any more…

Anyone else have any out of the ordinary high levels??


I have Owens team at lvl 15 + lol I should really save the coins for hybrids/battle team but oh well I like raptors. Bring the raptor back! They get use when I drop down😄


My Level 15 Allosaurus and my Level 14 Suchotator.


my suchotator lvl 16 I really gotta stop accidentally pressing evolve after fusing session lol


I was gonna level him up… but mines 11… I could probs get it to about 15/16… it’s a good Dino but not worth the effort


I use all the rare hybrids fusions to lvl up when I got enough for 1 time offer lol all that seemingly useless DNA has slight purpose!


Suchotator lvl17 , he has came in clutch plenty of times for me. Used to find plenty of suchomimus, now hardly any but i have 5k irritator


I have a dracorex ( not too high but oh well) at level 8- from one incubator- lol


Pretty good so it’s on my teem


Level 26 Ankylocodon. A total sleeper.



Jealous…I would kill to have that kind of access to Dimetrodon DNA.

For me, level 17 Allosaurus (and 18k extra DNA), level 17 Suchotator (ready to level to 18 but have to conserve coins for other dinos), and I wish I had paid attention as I have Purussaurus at level 15 but it’s Gen 2, not 1 like I thought. Gen 1 is barely at 10.

If not for the whole ‘meta’ thing, I’d just level Suchotator to high 20s, I love the move pool and she looks amazing. Pity she’s rather slow.