Random dinossaur rooster tournaments

Hey guys,
This is an idea i’ve been considering since the very begining of this game.
I think it would be interesting to have a tournament mode (or another type of battle) where you would fight using random selected dinossaurs, not from your predefined 8 best ones but from all the ones you have.

At least for me, i find it more interesting to train and test all of the dinossaurs instead of focusing on a selected few which kinda become “an obsession”. It also turns the game generally more attractive cause any dinossaur you find in the world is a good find since you want all of them to be as strong as possible.

Also, it kinda helps the game to have a good “skill based” fight system without depending so much on meta information (everyone wanting the same “alpha” dinossaurs making the game always unbalanced by default)

Please consider this ^^

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I would like this if all dinosaurs were set the same level, say 26, let usual. I think it would be fun but you know competitive players would hate it and shout it down unfortunately.

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Why the same level? That would ruin the purpose of thing.
And this is not a replacement for the actual tournaments…it would be another mode or chanpionship or whatever.

All at the same level would defeat the purpose of it (in my mind, the best advantsge of this is thar you would never pass a dinossaur in the wild, since EVERY DNA would now he useful

You need to ensure that it would be balanced. What you don’t want is for player A to have a level 18 tyrannosaurus paired against new player B with her level 3 stegosaurus. That is why it needs to have dinosaurs matched to the same level.