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Random encounters - funny pics from the map


That is in the new game Jurassic Ghostbusters Alive!


Shiny Bary!


In the distance u can see the Allo on top of triceratops :rofl:


Wow, the ground looks different in that strike event…


Hard to illustrate, but I’ve noticed one thing: I have supply drop / strike event pin near my home - that’s not so special huh? :wink:

What is strange/special: that pin could be and even should be always inside short range radar, but (!!) my position too often slides around it so it doesn’t reachable and I have to turn on/off WiFi to have a chance get inside the radar.

And now most strange/weird thing: once I’m using scent capsule the game turn on some magnetic field so I’m dragged to the pin :joy:

That’s okay if it’s just a common supply drop, but if it’s a strike event pin for a moment I have to make some effort to get out of it - just curious is it just for me© or anyone else has same reality distortion feature? :thinking:


Two shots:

Left one - before scent use. Right one - after :man_shrugging:t3:


Triple trouble


Hades has really upped his home security. :open_mouth:


Is this really a T-rex?:thinking:


Ok, I’ll not lie, that looks like a cyborg T.rex. :scream:


They said new hybrids are coming… okay, but this?! :thinking:



Nobody will find me hiding here…


… I know what I need to do here. I need to get up on its back right?


Once I saw this picture

Couple weeks later I saw him at the same place :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


hmm… only takes 2 weeks to conceive lol.


no sneaking behind that dino!


One of the funniest battles in my JWA life :joy:



Is this a Crossosaurus? Or maybe it’s just a crossover :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: