Random event spawner system not needed

My biggest issue with how event spawns work now is that yes, any spot can become an event spawn. There are still places where they become event spawns that are either: not safe ares, non public areas, in ares with little or no prople for safty. I would like it if we went back to the old event span locations where they were fixed to certain spots.

Around here there are some that spawn in pay to enter areas… which you can’t even flag.

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A very good point to bring up!!

Why can’t you flag them? Don’t they have a flag button like every tower/spawn?

I prefer the new system. My area only had 3 Special Event drops and inevitably once a week I’d loose 1 or 2 of them to Strike Towers. Another reason I found it difficult to participate in the Special Events was that they were in parks and thus inaccessible in the early morning or late evening (the very times I would be going to and coming back from work). I could only really participate during the weekends resulting in a lot of missed DNA.

With the new system there are plenty of stops along the roads meaning I can collect quite a few dinos going to and from work (I cycle in case you’re wondering) and if I’m very lucky, a Special Event can spawn outside my place of work, allowing me to collect some DNA during work hours too.

The Strike Towers taking up the Special Event locations is still an issue but now there are a lot more in my area so I don’t feel the loss as much.

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Not everyone can be flagged as some could be placed on behalf of a buisness or some other leagal connection.

That is another issue i wanted to bring up about thoes battle event spawns taking up the event dino spawns. The park i live by is pratically flooded with them and it really cuts into the dinos i can farm/find. My suggestion to fix that is to have battle event spawns have their own locations that pop up when it is their time to appear, in stead of taking up the dino event spawns.

Or what would presumably be an easy fix: Make strike events disappear once completed rather than go transparent. Then their location would revert back to what it was before whether special event or standard supply drop. It already happens with treasure chests why not the strike towers? It solves the two major problems with the events: Taking up special event locations and making dinos spawned inside their bases inaccessible.

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I still want them to be a subset of the battle tab. There’s no reason to have them in a physical location in the world since they all are connected. It only makes sense to have the geo located if they are team battles so you can meet up, or if each one out there gives its own rewards. As it stands now they needlessly clutter the map

@Lord_G Maybe it’s Ludia’s attempt to compete with PoGo, as I believe that’s how gyms work.

It is… I’m saying this system is worse