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Random Friend Requests


Just wondering if other people keep getting random friend requests. They always seem to be people with just a handful of commons, and low level. Is there some functionality of the leaderboard that allows people to add everyone as a friend?

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I have noticed this too. At first I thought it was people I knew but after asking, nobody said it was them AND the mysterious friends who added me then unfriended me. I don’t know why.


You can add people from your recent opponent list. I have accidentally done this a couple of times when I was just trying to look at their team. And once you request, you can’t cancel it.


Yeah but I am at 5100 trophies and these are people with 400 to 500 trophies is the strange part

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I do always laugh at how many recent opponents add you,I assume accidentally, because they want to see what Dino’s are on your team


I usually send friend requests to recent opponents who beat me with skills or good tactics or some nice draco gen2 swap-in play :smiley: if you cant beat them make them your friend :smiley:


They could just look at your profile from the recent opponents list no need to add you as a friend.


Yes, happened to me and some other ppl too. Requests all cane from lvl 1 to 4 or 5 players. Funny thing is I hold off some of these requests and none of them progressed or lost a single trophy in 3 days… no idea where they came from. They are definitely not someone I encountered in battle (4K+ trophies apart)


I think they can see your number on the leaderboard and type it in to add you. I get random requests all the time. I usually add them but i rarely do friend battles, so i don’t know why i accept them all. I constantly have to remove people because they relentlessly send battle requests as fast as i deny them. I’m not pulling the car over while I’m hunting to do battles.

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people trying to join your alliance can see you in the alliance and sends you a friend request in hopes you let them in. i have strange friend requests too.


People requesting to join the alliance also show as zero trophies, but when added have completely different stats than when presented.


Ppl are also looking for online players to friendly battle for daily quests


I know this is an old topic but I’ve still never found a answer… I get requests from.random level 1 to 5 players. I’m in the 4500 trophy range so theres no way I’ve come across them in the arena. They are not now, nor have they ever been a part of my Alliance. Also I’ve never been on the top 500 leaderboard, so it’s not like they saw me on it & added me. So, back to the question… why are they adding me?! How do they even come across my name/account? Makes no sense. Literally just happened 2 min ago. A level 3 player who only had 4 common dinos on his team sent me a friend request.


I get them occasionally but I haven’t got a problem with them I just accept more the merrier for friendly battles


I only had one from a lvl 2 player with the only thing he had was a common noth-croc thing (someone help me) but he never showed up again after accepting so I just removed said player assuming it might have been a bot


I think it’s because the itty bitty friend request button is too close to the itty bitty view profile button.

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I think they are trying to get into your guild. They friend request multiple people in your guild in hopes that someone will invite them in. Low levels tend to try to get into guilds with a bunch of high level players so that they will be fed and get the level 4+ alliance rewards.